Diwaana Deedar Ka Teri, Tera Ghayal Yahi.N Per He
Yahaa.N Aaya He Tu Jab Se Tera Saayal Yahi.N Per He

Kahi.N Jaata Nahi.N Uth Ker Tere Der Per Hi Betha He
Tabiyat Gham Ke Mare Ki Faqat Mayal Yahi.N Per He

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Uss Se Mera Koi Rishta Nikla,
Mere Jaisa Wo Bhi Tanha Nikla,

Uss Ke Chehre Pe Chamak Thi Jitni,
Utna Andar Se Wo Toota Nikla,

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Capturing loving dreams
Our emotions take hold
Under an orange sunset
Intimate passions unfold.

So perfect in every way
Together only with you
Aside the deepest ocean
Romantic dreams ensue.

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I Am So Thirsty, Want Some Coke Wow Lovely Mehndi Design On Kid’s Feets Don’t Cut Me Please Awesome Pic Of Water Punch Colorful Parrots Kissing Chal Ghar Chal Fir Tujhe Batata Hun Aisa Hi Hoga Jo Hamara Kahna Nahi Manega I Love To Stay With You Friend Oh God, I Cant Do That Chinese Traditional Dance

What Does It Mean To Be A Lover? It Is More Than Just
Being Married To Or Making Love To Someone. Millions Of
People Are Married, Millions Of People Have Sex – But Few
Are Real Lovers. To Be A Real Lover, You Must Commit To
And Participate In A Perpetual Dance Of Intimacy With Yourpartner

You Are A Lover When You Appreciate The Gift That Your
Partner Is, And Celebrate That Gift Every Day
You Are A Lover When You Remember That Your Partner
Does Not Belong To You – He Or She Is On Loan From Theuniverse

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Bas Ek Ra.Ng!Fakat Ek Ra.Ng Me.N! Umr Guzaregii Ab!!

Aur Nahii!
Ab Aur Nahii!
Dast Ra.Ng-E-Hinaa Me.N Sarobaar Nahii!
Rukhsaaro Se Shafak Kaa Karobaar Nahii!
Aakharii Mahak Gesuo.N Se U.D Chalii!
Joo.De Ko Gulo Se Ab Sarokaar Nahii!
Naa Utaaregaa Koii Ab Mirii Najar!
Aa.Nkho Ko Kaajal Kii Darakaar Nahii!

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May I Write My Name
Upon Your Heart? Will You Give To Me
Just One Small Part Of You That I Might Call
My Own, Will You Remember Me
Like A Song?
A Song You’ve Sung
Since Your First Love, The Words That Flow
Within Your Blood, And Speak Of Love Lost
By The Young, Will You Think Of Me
In Colors Of Love?
The Color Red Of The Rose
You Gave Her, The Girl You Knew
You’d Love Forever, Who Comes To You
When Drink Is Heavy, Will You Want Me
When You’re Lonely?
On Empty Nights
When Dreams Are Real, When They’re
The Only Thing You Feel, They Haunt You
When The Morning Comes, Can
I Be The One You Dream Of?
If I Write My Name
Upon Your Heart, Will You Take
From Me Too Much
To Part With?
Will You Write Your Name On My Heart

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Funny Veg Jokes

Ise Aap Modern Art Kehte Hai?
Santa Art Gallery Mein Jata Hai Aur Ek Tasveer Dekhkar Gallery Ke Malik Se Kahta Hai. Santa: "Ye Bhayanak Tasveer Ko

Inhe Kahte Hain Biwiyan
Wife Ko Pyaar Se Gulaab Maarne Par Response: English Speaking Wife: "You Are Really Very Naughty, Sweetheart." Hin

Ladkiya Bahut Hi Confusion Items Hai
Ek Ladki Ki Hasi Bahut Confusion Paida Kar Deti Hai Ladkon Ke Dimaag Mein, Usse Ghanton Tak Samajh Hi Nahi Aata. K

Santa The Thief
Santa Arrested In Case Of Theft And Judge Asking to Santa. Judge: "Why You Have Stolen Money From This Man?" Santa

What Will You Get?
Maths Madam To Pappu: "If You Have 12 Chocolates And You Give 5 To Leena, 3 To Teena And 4 To Meena, Then What Will You

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