Maine Tujhko Sanam Kitna Chaha Magar
Pyar Tera Kabhi Mera Ho Na Saka…

Ankhon Mein Hai Basi Tu He Tu Janeman,
Khwab Tere He Dekhe Hain Maine Sanam,
Jeete-Ji Chain Se Mai To So Na Saka…

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Zindagi Se Zindagi Maangte Hain Apni
Bahut Jee Liyaa Tanhaiyon Me

Ab Khushi Maangte Hain Apni
Zindagi Bin Sub Suna Hai,

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If I Could Create A Sculpture
Of The Beautiful Words You Say
Shining Bright In The Darkest Night
And A Vision Through The Day

It Would Be The Greatest Wonder
The World Had Ever Seen
A Monument Which Brings To Light
Every Beautiful Dream

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Awesome But Scary Dog Cake Hyper Realistic Painting By Antonio Cazoria Kar Sakta Hai Koi Aisa? Turtle Likes Strawberry Chinese Avengers – Going To Save The World Full The Tank, I’ve Long Way To Go Babies Are Delicious Kissing Like A Pro What A Lovely Kiss Eye Phone – Who Wants It?

Meri Raaton Ki Neend Udhate Ho
Aake Haule Haule Kaano Mein

Kuch Baat Kah Jate Ho
Kabhi Chand Toh Kabhi

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A Man Died Sunday June 22, One We All Knew If You Loved Comedy.
His First Name Was George Better Know For His Last, Carlin.
Many Of Us Grew Up With Him, In More Ways Than One…
One Liners, A Quick Wit, And Oh My, A Vocabulary Like No Other.
His Was A Special Kind Of Humor, Full Of Sentiment, Or Sarcasm Yet Factual;
The More One Listened The More Enduring His Intentions.
His Calling Was Assured When Battling The Rights We All Enjoy
Freedom Of Speech No Matter Where His Dissertation Went.
Straight To The Supreme Court Defamed For The Use Of Seven Words;
Those Seven I Can Not Print For Sake Of Being Cut Off This Site.
We All Know Them, And Some May Still Use Them Whatever The Case.
His Humor Took On Various Forms You Either Listened Or Turned Him Off.
His Fight For Expression No Matter What The ‘Word’ Was Lost
When Those Black Robed Justices Took Their Vote.
God Forbide Any Of Them Should They Ever Utter Those Seven!
Times Have Changed Yet The Law Still Stands And The ‘Words’unspoken…
Today It Appears To Have Gone Far Beyond The Spoken “word”
Sex, Immorality, Killing, Hatred, Terror Within Our Borders.
Just Turn On Your Nightly News, What’s So Different Now From Then,
I Guess To Hear It Is Totaling Wrong, But Seeing It Is Not Believing? .
My Only Wish Is When George Gets Done With His Oratory About Heaven
He’ll Take A Minute To Look Down On All Of Us I Can See Him Now;
Smiling From Ear To Ear With His Grin Clearing His Throat And Taking A Drink Of Whatever Is Near,
His Plea Will Be “insanity, ” For All Others Who Speak The “seven” -Forgive Them Please!
Bye George, Be Sure To Watch Your Language When You Get On Stage Up There!
We Know You Were The Best While With Us – Either “standing Up” Or “sitting Down”

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Na Main Kamzoor Hoon, Na Mera Piyar
Kaun Darta Hay Iss Zamanay Se??

Kyon Inn Se Biyaan Karoon Main Apna Piyar?
Kyon Laboo Pe Laon Main Unka Naam?

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Jab Usney Mujh Se Yeh Pocha
Mujhe Tum Yaad Kartey Ho

Tum Apni Sooch Ka Angan
Kabhi Abad Karty Ho

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I See You Coming, Charming,
Down, The Path Of My Broken Heart;
My Heart Is My Greatest Posession;
The Plan Is For You To Mend It;
To Restore My Ego And Dignity
It Is Only You
I Shamelessly Wait And Dream The Sweetest Dreams,
To Feel Your Heart Beating, To Let You Know My Highiest Desires
I Am So Humble, For Whom Am I;
Love Shall Bind Us, No Words Can Express The Amount Of
My Anticipation,
But It Is Like The Force Of King Solomon In His
Ancient Book; My Love

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Ish Kambakht Dil Koh Toh Naghmoh She Behlaaanhe Ke Bhi Koshish Ke
Zaleem Palat Kar Teri Aur Hee Jaayeh Toh Kiya Kareh

Haath Uthaakar Raahteh Dil Kee Dua Manghteh Raheen
Jab Koi Fariyaad Bhi Kaa Nah Aayee Toh Kiya Kareh

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Shayri Ka Karnay Walo Istaqbaal
Shayri Ka To Tumnay Sudhara Haal
Shayri Ka Tumnay Sudhara Haal Lekin
Kya Tum Ho Gaye Itna Kangaal
Shayri Ko Chod Tunay Sabka Kiya Bura Haal
Gazal To Ho Gayi Kangaal
Nikalo Shayero Teer Apnay Tarkash Say
Gazal Ko Bhi Kar Do Maalamaal

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