Sadness Throughout The Day And Night
How I Feel For You Is The Most Precious Thing On Earth
Our First Kiss Like The Birth Of A Sun
I Wanted To Do It All With You For Eternity
Iwill Always Be There For You If You Should Need Me
Always In My Heart And Soul Forever
To Say I Love You Is Still Not Strong Enough
If There Was A Way To Describe My Feelings So Much Better
If The Road We Were To Walk Looks To Rough
My Love Would Light You Path Like A Guiding Star
Every Moment With You Is A Cherished Memory
Every Word, Everything You Did
To Me There Is No One More Beautiful
Forever Living And Loving
When Thinking How To Describe Love,
I Think For A Bit N Smile And Say The Only Word Is “Jade”
Looking In Your Eyes I Could Feel The Love That Used To Be
You Are The Air I Breath, Reason To Live, My Destiny
Living Life With Out You Is A Challenge
You Were My Love, My Dream Come True

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Woh Mujhe Chahe Or Mujh Se Pyaar Kare
Main Kahin Bhii Rahoon Woh Mujhe Yaad Kare

Mere Liye Hi Kare Woh Ghar Main Chiraagha
Or Mere Liye Hi Apne Dil Ko Beqarar Kare

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Tumhare Phool Se Chehre Par Gham Ache Nahi Lagte,
Humain Keh Do Chale Jayen Jo Hum Ache Nahi Lagte.

Humain Wo Zakhm Do Tum Jo Umar Bhar Na Bhar Payen,
Bohat Jaldi Jo Bhar Jayen Zakhm Ache Nahi Lagte.

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Love Your Job But Not Your Company Fork You …. Cute Cutie Coochi Coo One Of The Best Motion Shot Ever A Cute Sweet Kiss To My Little Friend Awesome – This Sculpture Is Made By Chains Let Me Take Out The Ball Because She is a Blonde Creative Thai Anti-Sleepy Driving Ad Say No To Smoking – The Difference Is Clear

Kuchh Log Raaste Badalte Rahte Hain
Kuchh Seedhe Chalte Rahte Hai,

Jine Safar Kaa Janoon Ho,Wo Chalte Rahte Hai,
Bhai Yeh Sab To Aapni Himmat Aur Honsale Kii Baat Hai,

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Chaand Tanhaa Hai Aasmaan Tanhaa
Dil Milaa Hai Kahaan Kahaan Tanhaa

Bujh Gai Aas Chhup Gayaa Taaraa
Thartharaataa Rahaa Dhuaan Tanhaa

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Meri Aakhiri Ichchaa To Puchi Hotee,
Mujhe Yadoin Mein Dafnaane Se Pahle

Kyun Ki Qatal Ke Gunahgaar Ki Bhee
Antim Icha Puri Hoti Hai Fasi Lagane Se Pahle

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Attitude Of Engineering Students
Attitude Of Engineering Student At Exam, Teacher: "Kuch Kiya Bhi Hai Ya Aise Hi Aa Gaye?" Student: "Sir, Breakfast

Ladko Ke Fandaa
Ladko Ke Fandaa: Uss Se Bichad Jane Ke Baad Main To Marne Hi Wala Tha Ki... Achanak Yaad Aaya, Abbey Uski Sa

Aadatein Kabhi Nahi Jaati, Na Iski Gayi
Ghar Ka Kaam Time Se Aur Achhe Tarike Se Nahi Ho Paa Raha Tha To Santa Apni Biwi Ko Bola Santa: "Kaam Ke Liye Koi Bai

True Meaning Of Success!
Father Was Telling The Definition Success To His Son. Father: "Son, Success Is When Your Signature Turns Into An Auto

Baniya Log Akhir Itne Paisi Kyu Bacahte Hai?
Muftimal Baniya Apne Antim Samaye Par Apni Patni Ko Bulata Hai. Muftimal: "Sunti Ho Tum Kaha Ho?" Patni Daudi Chal

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