Another Wakeful Night, I Rouse
Restless, From My Dreams
The Pillow Beside Me Empty,
Forlorn In The Moon’s Pale Light.
Its Glow Illuminates, Or So It Seems
That Aching Space Within My Heart.
Filled Once, Overflowing, For Love Of You
Memories Of Touching; Searching, Seeking
Our Two Mouths Hungering For Each Other.
I Turn, At A Sound, But It’s Only Echoes
Of My Desires, So Strong, That I Heard Speaking.
Agony, In Knowledge, The Truth That You’re Gone
You, For Whom My Soul Was Meant.
Tears Course Down My Cheeks, Unchecked
Words Spoken In Anger We Cannot Take Back
Create My Private Hell, My Own Torment.
The Moon, Cold Orb, Uncaring Of My Sorrow
Continues Its Arc Through The Night Sky.
Its Journey Into A Dawning Tomorrow
Gives No Warmth To Ease The Pain In My Cry.

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Jee Rahe Hain Sab Apni Zindagi Aaj Ke Liye
Phir Mein Kyun Jiyon Kal Ke Liye

Kal Aaye Na Aaye, Kisko Pataa
Par Aaj Hai, Yeh Sabko Pataa

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Jise Dil Ka Dushman Samajhne Lage Hain
Wo Hi Dildaar Ho Jaaye To Kyaa Baat Ho

Ye Dil Hi Tumhe Chahne Lage To Kyaa Baat Ho

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Transparent Butterfly – Awesome Creativity Of Nature Awesome – This Sculpture Is Made By Chains I Love You My Juliet Sweet Desi Kudi Smiling In Green Top Elephant Fish, Look Awesome Beautiful White Peacock. I Am So Cute, Sweet And Adorable Looks Like An Engineer’s Heart Re-Use Of Waste Materials In An Innovative Way A Cute Sweet Kiss To My Little Friend

Dil Ki Haalat Wo Samjhe Ki Jisne Chot Khayee Hai
Ek Baar Nahi, Kai Baar, Ye Zahamat Jisne Uthai Hai

Jisko Ab Har Shakhs Nazar Aata Harjaai Hai
Jisne Bas Todne Ke Liye Hi Kasam Khayee Hai

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Itni Hasin Jindagi
Pehle Na Thi

Lab Par Tumhari Bandaagi
Pehle Na Thi

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Dil Mera Tera Ho Gayaa Mujh Sey Binaa Puche
Mujhey Pyaar Tujh Sey Ho Gayaa, Tujh Sey Bina Puche

Ankhein Teri Aankhein, Nahii Dekhii Aisi Aankhein
Dil Main Utar Jahain Jo, Mujh Sey Binaa Puche

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