Meri Baahon Mein Tera Yun Itraakar Simmat Jaana Achaa Lagta Hain…
Duniya Ke Hoothon Pei Tera Yun Naam Ubhar Jaana Achaa Lagta Hain…

Muddatton Se Mere Gulshan Kaa Yei Armaan Tha…
Aaj Ussi Gulshan Kaa Kaliyon Sei Mahak Jaana Achaa Lagta Hain

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Kesi Maa Hai Ye Meri Mere Khudaa,
Jo Mujhe Etnaa Pyaar Karti Hai,

Uska Dil Mujh Se Kyun Nahi Bharta,
Apni Banhoo Me Rooz Bharti Hai,

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Sometimes I Feel Like A Dog In A Rat’s Cage
Feeling Of Dying, Crying, And Losing Myself
I’m Not Sure Of What More I Can Handle
I Bottle Up My Anger Til I Can’t Take It Anymore
Then I Wanna Yell And Scream To Make My Point
But Normally At The End Of The Day
I Just Let My Tears Take Me Away

It’s Such The Little Things That Keep Me Alive
They’re Happy As Long As They Can Take Pride
In Everything That I Do, I Must Succeed
Not For A Moment May Failure Take Me
How Do They Expect Me To Believe
When They Take All That’s Special To Me
The Little Things Are All I Need

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Free diving With Tuna Fish Photograph By Kurt Arrigo Enjoying The Wind – A Royal Click Nature Loves India Too Vegetable Face By Alex J. Jefferies Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil People Cry, Not Because They’re Weak Dave No!, It’s Still Frozen Funny Cat – I’m Sorry I Ate Your Friend One Of The Best Creative Art I Have Ever Seen Gillette Venus Women’s Razors

A Love Treasure Gives
A Love Reservoir Gives
Abound Enough To Give
Always Gets To Give

Love Sick Takes
Empty, He Takes
Run All Around To Take
Loveless Always To Take

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I Trust U Is An Better Compliment Than Saying
I Love U Couz We Cant Trust The Person Whom We Love

But We Can Love The Person Whom We Trust
On A Rainy Day Come Out Of Your House Put Your

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Wo Aye Aur Aa Kar Laut Bhi Gaye
Mere Aarmano Ka To Dum Tab Bhi Na Nikla

Maine Saja To Li Hai Ye Mehfil-E-Khaas
Magar Anjuman Ka Sar-O-Kham Tab Bhi Na Nikla

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Funny Veg Jokes

Truth About Boys & Girls
Girl 1: "I Am In Love" Girl 2: "Who Is He?" Girl 3: "How Does He Look?" Girl 4: "What Color?" Girl 5: "How T

Best Wife Of The Year
A Man Who Is Driving A Car Is Stopped By A Police Officer. The Officer: "You Were Going At Least 75 In A 55 Zone"

Premika Se Badla, Pappu Ka
Pappu Apne Friend Golu Ko Bata Raha Thha. Pappu: "Pichle Hafte Meri Aur Meri Girlfriend Ki Ladayi Ho Gayi Thi Aur Hum

Yaaro Ese Kissi Ko Offer Na Maarna
Ladka Chinki Ko Purpose Kar Raha Thha Boy: "Ye Raat, Ye Subah, Ye Hawa, Ye Chand, Ye Ghatayen, Ye Nadia, Ye Kinare...

Wo Zamana Kuch Aur Tha
Ek Budha Machhar Apne Pote Ko Samjhate Hua Bata Raha Tha Budha Machhar: "Beta Aaj Kal To Khoon Chusna Bohat Asaan Ho

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