Chahti Hoon Jise Unhe Shayd Parwah Tak Nahi
Aur Unke Begair Is Dil Se Nikli Aur Koyi Aah Bhi Nahi

Naam Ik Unka Hi Hai Is Dil Par Hardum,
Mil Na Sake Aur Kehne Me Vo Bewafa Bhi Nahi

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Tamannaonn Mein Uljhaya Gya Honn
Khilonay De Kay Behlaya Gya Honn

Honn Oss Ko Chah Kay Harr Zarray Say Aagah
Odhar Say Muddattonn Aaya Gya Honn

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Aaj Na Jaane Maa Ka Dil Kyun Khin Khin Thaa
Naunihal Bhee Dara Dara Sa Saham Raha Thaa

Phir Bhee Usko Taiyaar Kiya Vidyalaya Jaane Ko
Basta De Samjhai Khud Lene Aane Ko

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Real Faces Now Tell Me Who is The Daddy This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Amazing Creativity With Apple Cutting Bread Shoes Looking Delicious Aaj To Tujhe Pakad Hi Lunga Invisible Reflection Photograph By Laura Williams We Copied Doggy Style,They Copied Our Three Some Paint Me Today Ladybug Riding on Dandelion

Would My Lips Taste Any Sweeter With The Dew Of Your Breath Condensing On Their Folds?
Would They Shine In The Candlelight Of Our Room?
Would They Part So Easily If Your Phantom Tongue Did Not Slip In Like Envigorating Oxygen?
They Provide As Much Relief And Necessity As Breath.

The Weak Sunlight Of The Morning Makes Everything Ethereal And Gentle Around Its Edges.
It Makes My Eyes Droop In Silent Joy At Your Repose.
Your Breathing Is A Lullaby More Melodic, More Tuneful Than The Sparrow At Dawn Do Tweet.
Your Hands Wander Across The Topography Of My Skin.

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Meri Tarah Kuch Hi Doori Pur
Mere Saamne Baithe The Samay Ke Kuch Pal

Meri Tarah Aapke Intezaar Mein
Ke Aap Aayein Aur

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He Floats There With Charon On The River Styx.
His Years Of Age Werent Many They Were Merely Six.
Cast Out Into Hell And Left To Fend For His Own.
So Young, So Unready, And So Very Alone.
He Braves The Dangers Of Hell And He’s Merely A Boy.
With Death At Every Turn He Must Laern To Be Coy.
His Battles, His Fights, Make For A Trying Time.
But He Shall Be Remembered In A Poets Rhyme.
Battles And Fights Won Its Time To Go Home.
No Doors And No Arms There To Receive Him,
Our Poor Youn Warrior Is Left To Roam.

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Funny Veg Jokes

Bill Gates To Pagal Nikla
Santa Ne News Suni Aur Apne Dost Banta Ko Bola. Santa: "Yaar Ye Bill Gates Bhi Bevkoof Hai Sala" Banta Hairani Se:

Abe Tujhe Chain Nahi Hai Kya?
Ek Baar Ek Ladka Plane Se Mumbai Ja Raha Tha. Wo Baar-Baar Toilet Ja Raha Tha, Ye Dekh Usko Ek Air Hostess Ne Puchha.

Kab Se Chal Raha Hai Be Ye Sab?
Ek Din Baap Ne Apne Bete Ki Talaashi Li To Usmein Se Cigrette, Beer Or Condoms Nikle Baap Ne Ladke Ko Bahut Maara Aur

Pure Water Ka Pure Formula
Science Teacher Student Se Puchhta Hai. Teacher: "Water Ka Formula Batao?" Student: "H2o+Mgcl2+Caso4+Alcl3+Naoh+ H

Bhoot Pishach Nikat Na Aave Mahaveer Jab Naam Sunave
Jabse Mobile Mein Hanuman Chalisa Download Kiya, Tabse Aapka Message Aana Band Ho Gaya Hai. Sach Kahte Hai, Bho

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