Hum Ney Jub Sey Bitha Liya Hai Tumhain Seeney Mein !
Lumhey-Lumhey Ko Muzaa Aa Ruha Hai Jeeney Mein !!

Pahley, Hur Saal, Aik Bar Bahaar Aatee Thee ;
Ab, Kayee Bar Bahaar Aatee Hai Maheeney Mein !!

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Na To Meri Manzil Na To Mera Sahara
Na To Mera Saahil Na To Mera Kinera

Na To Mera Sawan Na To Mera Anchal
Na To Mera Badal Na To Mera Kajal

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Mana Tera Khwab Bhi Gunah Hai Mere Liye
Magar Main Kaise Ge Sakun Bin Tere Khwab Ke

Mujhe Jagane Har Subah Teri Yaad Aate The
Main Kabhi Na Uth Saka Bin Tere Khwab Ke

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Closeup On Beautiful Purple Lips Kon Kahega Ye Abhi Bache Hain? Wanna Kill Someone? – Take Me With You He Died Last Night Due To High Voltage Art Of Nature Beautiful Paper Art I Love You My Juliet Stairs To Heaven Darling, Please Click Me Portrait Made With Coffee Beans And Mugs

Fursat-E-Kaar Faqat Chaar Ghadii Hai Yaaro
Ye Na Socho Ke Abhii Umr Padii Hai Yaaro

Apane Taariik Makaanon Se To Baahar Jhaanko
Zindagii Shammaa Liye Dar Pe Khadii Hai Yaaro

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Los Paisajes Se Repiten,
Sombra De Sombras
Inédita Es La Mirada Ahora
Escucho La Inapelable Hora
Veraz El Gesto
Sobria La Agonía
La Pira Vacía.
El Mundo Cesa
Inútil Todo Rezo
Les Paysages Se Répètent,
Ombre D’ombres
Inédite Est Maintenant Mon Regard
J’écoute L’inapaisable Heure
Le Geste Vrai
Sobre L’agonie
Le Bûcher Vide
Le Monde Cesse
Inutile Toute Prière
The Landscapes Are The Same
Shadows On Shadows
Unique Is My Look Now
I Listen The Inappeasable Hour
Sober Is The Agony
Empty The Pyre.
The World Ceases
Useless Every Preach
I Paesaggi Si Ripetono,
Ombre Su Ombre
Inedito È Ora Lo Sguardo
Ascolto L’inappellabile Ora
Verace È Il Gesto
Sobria L’agonia
Vuota La Pira.
Il Mondo Cessa
Inutile Ogni Predica

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Sham Rangeen Ho Jati Hai Mere Anese Wo Me Barsta Hua Badal Hu.
Ek Aas Jag Jati Hai Mere Aane Se Wo Me Khusi Ka Ek Mauka Hu.

Sab Yaad Karte Hai Har Waqt Mujhe Sb K Liye Main Unka Apna Hu..
Kuch Log Waqt Bitate Hai Bina Mile Mujhe Yaad Kiye ,Unke Liye Main Raat Ka Sapna Hu..

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Funny Veg Jokes

Quote About Buttons
"If The First Button In A Shirt Is Put Wrong, Then Every Button Will Be Wrong." -Prem Tailor, Shahdara, Delhi Ab

Bargaining Karna To Koi Ladkiyo Se Seekhe
Girl Sabzi Wale Se Girl: "Apple Kaise Diye Bhaiya?" Sabzi Wala: "100 Rs Ke 10" Girl: "Itne Mehnge, Kuch To Kam

How Many Cats Will You Have?
Teacher: "If I Gave You 2 Cats, And Another 2 Cats And Another 2, How Many Will You Have?" Pappu: "Seven Sir" Teac

Perfect Way To Prove A Person Is A Mental Or Not
A Journalist Went To A Mental Hospital And Asked A Doctor, Journalist: "How Do You Determine Whether To Admit A Patie

Thanks For The Warning
After An Emotional Hug Girl Said To The Boy, Girl: "If You Hug Me Once More Like That, I Will Be Yours Forever" Bo

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