Kaise Batau Kaisi Wo Suhaagraat Hogi
Wo Haseen Us Pal Mere Saath Hogi

Aankhon Mein Kai Chamakte Sitare Honge
Har Taraf Bas Unke Hi Nazare Honge

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Baby Let Your Voice Cover My Ears..
Baby Stay Close Don’t Go Away No Please..
You’re The Air I Breathe
One Touch Of Your Hand Makes Me Completely Real..
All My Injuries On Your Hand Seem To Be Heal
Surround Me By Your Hands..
Take Me To Far Far Lands
Where I Can Dance On The Beat Of You Heart..
Don’t Let Me Go Because I Will Fall Apart
Remember The Nights We Share..
Remember The Touches We Wear
Whisper In My Ears I Love You Girl
Lay Me Your Hands To Go To Your Heaven..
Support Me By Your Pleasant
Don’t Hide Your Feelings
Because They Have Already Mixed With Mine
My Lips Have Been Dry For So Long..
So Come Over And Hugg So Strong
Replace My Desire With Your Love..
Touch One Of Your Own Rose From Toe To Above
Wipe Away All Of My Tears..
Fight Away All Of My Fears
You’re My Damn Precious Knight..
You Owned Me By One Of Your Sight
“It’s Nice To Be Your Prisoner”
My Heart Will Be Locked..
And You Will Be The Key

Hey Girls,You Better Watch Out..
He’s My Love There Ain No Doubt..
Baby Remember Today Is Our Date..
I Will Be Waiting So Don’t Come Late..
Or I Will Turn All Of That Into A Hate

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Tanha Tanha In Raho Par Chalna Kaisa Lagta Hain
Apnay Hi See Se Darna Kaisa Lagta Hain

Wo Tu Sare Sham Hain Aik Shama Ki Manind
Parwana Ban Kar Jalna Kaisa Lagta Hain

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Yeh Zameen Meri Maan Thee Woh Khuda Ka Wajood
Mabood Thee Woh Saya Thee Raushni Bhee Thee Woh

Qadam Tallay Jannat Meri Aghosh Thee Woh
Jiss Aasray Keh Liye Rooh Tarapti Thee Jiss Kee

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Yaad Ko Keh Dao Ki Woh Yaad Na Aaye,
Dil Me Chippe Dard Ka Paigam Na Laye,
Jis Mohabbat Ko Apni Hi Najar Lag Jati Ho ,
Us Mohabbat Ka Koi Salaam Na Laye.
Jis Jindgi Ki Aahat Se Thoker Ki Ho Ummeed ,
Us Jindagi Ke Waste Koi ‘Jahan’ Na Laye.

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True Love Is A Sacred Flame
That Burns Eternally,

And None Can Dim Its Special Glow
Or Change Its Destiny.

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