Tanha Tanha Mat Socha Ker
Merjayega Mat Socha Ker

Apna App Gawa Ker Tunay
Kiya Paya Hai Mat Socha Ker

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Suna Diya Aapne Ekk Hee Pal Mein,
Aapka Yeh Faisla.

Tod Diya Es Rishtey Ko,
Mukh Muhj Se Mod Ker.

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Har Kisi Ko Dost Banaya Nahi Jata,
Ye Wo Rista Hai Jo Azmaya Nahi Jata…..

Haath To Mil Jaate Hai Aksar Ajnabiyon Se Bhi,
Magar Dil Har Kisi Se Milaya Nahi Jata…….

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Har Baar Is Dil Ne  Kaha Hai K
MujHai Tum Say Mohabbat Nahin Phir Kiun Is Dil Ko Ye Lagta Hai

K Tum Kahin Aas Paas Ho Phir Kiun Is Dil Ko Har Pal
Yaad Aatay Ho Satatay Ho Phir Kiun Ye Dil Kehta Hai K

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I wish the reason could be known
To this mere mortal here
The secret must be God’s alone
One heaven cannot share
I loved my little furry friend
With all my life and soul
I know my heart will never mend
This loss will take it’s toll
Already it’s been four long years
ince I saw my Teddy’s face
I must have shed a thousand tears
In those two hundred days
I loved him from the day we met
A real life fluffy toy
To me he wasn’t just a pet
He was my pride and my joy
To give our hearts, to love someone
Is to pave our way to grief
God snatched back my little one
Like some hard hearted thief
Those heavenly beings from above
They took him for their own
Please angels, wrap him in your love
And keep him safe and warm
Wherever now my Teddy lives
I pray the Lord to care
Please love and keep him safe and sound
Until I join him there


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I Tried To Play
Marilyn To Your Miller,
Absorbing You,
Adoring You,
Affecting You,
Charming You…
Charismatic You.

Tripping Along Lanes
I Lined With Lavender,
I Saw Heaven In
A Fountain Of Letters
I Arranged Into Words,
Shaped Into Sentences,
Pulled Into Paragraphs And Penned Pages
And Chapters And Books About You.
And You Said I Couldn’t Write Fiction

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Funny Veg Jokes

Kam Se Kam Ek Call To Kar Leni Chahiye Thi.
Ek Ladke Ki Engagement Ek Bahut Khubsoorat Ladki Se Hui. Par Wo Ladka Us Ladki Se Kabhi Nahi Mila Tha, Na Hi Us Se Ba

Chote Bache Ka Love Letter
Dear Jaanu, Love Letter Bhejne Ka Karan Hai Ki Mujhe Tu Bahut Pasand Hai. Tu Bhi Humesha Meri Taraf Dekhti Rahti H

Height Of Memory Loss
Height Of Memory Loss: A Boy Opens His Tiffin Box On The Road Side To See, Whether He Is Going To School, Or Comin

Can I Use Your Mobile Phone?
A New Born Baby Ask To Nurse: "Can I Use Your Mobile Phone?" Nurse: "Why?" Baby: "Actually I Want To Tell The God

Maa Aur Saas Kaise Bani?
Jab Bhagwan Ne Socha Ki Wo Har Jagah, Har Samay Upasthit Nahi Ho Sakta, To Usne Maan Banayi. Phir Shaitan Ne Bh

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