Na Jaane Us Ke Chehre Par Achaanak Kiska Khayaal Aaya
Na Dekha Thaa Kabhi Hamne Kuchh Aisa Hi Malaal Aaya

Do Ashq Meri Yaad Mein Bahaa Jaate To Kyaa Jaata
Chand Kaliyaan Laash Par Bichhaa Jaate To Kyaa Jaata

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Kuch Dil Ki Batein
Kuch Apno Ki Yadein

Kuch Un Bite Lamho Ki
Jin Main Kuch To Apna Tha

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Yeh Hadsa Mere Saath Ho Gaya Kaise
Mujhe Meri Kismat Ne Barbaad Kar Diya Kaise

Kuchh Waqt Tak Toh Sab Theek Chal Raha Tha
Mere Safar Kaa Rastaa Yun Badal Gaya Kaise

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Who Want To Date With Her? Paint Me Today Here Is An Old Pic Of Me Funny Face On Red T-Shirt Amazing Sand Art Lion Looking Real I Am Enjoying The Ride A Rare Image Of A Flying Peacock A White Bird Purely Made From a Paper This Is Called a Forced Kiss Oh Jesus, I Don’t Wanna Die

Na Samajh Paya Koi, In Aankhon Ki Zubaan.
Hum Kisi Ko Suna Paye Na Sabab-E-Mahobbat Ki Daastan.

Kaise Kahoon Maine Sajaye The Kitney Armaan,
Rahe Gaya Adhura Har Khawab, Alag Ho Gaya Hamara Rastaa.

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Ik Dil, Te Lakh Samjhaun Wale
Je Samaz Na Aave Ta Ki Kariye

Dard Dil Da Hove Tan Seh Laiye
Je Dil Hi Dard Ban Jave Ta Ki Kariye

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I Try To Make My Mind Do The Things That Should Be Done,
And Then Your Much-Adored Face Blocks All View Of Worldly Things.
You Have Disrupted My Whole World.
My Very Being Depends On The Thought
That I May Somehow Steal A Few Precious Moments Of Your Time.
If In The Course Of My Dreary Day
I Couldn’t Hope To See You, Touch You, Love You,
Then There Would Be No Reason To Live…that Day To Its End.
My Life, My Joy Or Sorrow, Depend Only On Your Love For Me.
Just To Hear The Sound Of Your Voice
Can Lift My My Heart To The Very Portals Of Heaven And Then One Touch,
One Caress, One Soft Brush Of Your Lips On Mine Is The Key
That Can Lead Me To A Paradise
Far Beyond My Wildest Dreams.
A Paradise Where Love Is Master, And Being Master Love Is All.
All In Such A Way There Is No Room For Fear Or Doubt.
For In Love Fear And Doubt Can Only Destroy…
They Can Twist A Heart Full Of Love
Into A Heart Full Of Hate Or They Can Take A Heart
And Leave It So Broken, So Shattered,
That It Can Never Again Feel The Joy Of Love.
You Are, My Darling, The Master Of My Paradise.
So As You Walk Through Our Paradise Walk Slowly, Speak Softly,
So That The Joy Of Love Can Grow
Until The Breath Of Life Has Left My Soul.
Until Then, Never Take From Me The Joy Only You Can Give.
Never Deprive Me Of Your Love.
For To Deprive Me Of This Is To Take Away The Reason For Life Itself.
For As Long As I Have Your Love, I Will Have Life,
After That The Pages Are Just A Blank.
Throughout Eternity I Am Yours…

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Funny Veg Jokes

Deewar Pe Aar Paar Dekhne Wali Cheez
Santa Ne Khush Hote Hue Apne Dost Banta Ko Bola Santa: "Maine Ek Aisi Cheez Banai Hai, Jiske Sath Deewar Ke Aar-Paar

Mobile Ke Sath Esa To Na Karo
Ek Pathan Apna Mobile Qabristan Mein Dafna Raha Tha. Ek Aadmi Ne Ye Dekha Aur Hairan Hokar Us Se Puchha Aadmi: "Kh

Duniya Gol Hai, Aaj Sabit Ho Gaya
Duniya Gol Hai? Saboot Chahiye? Lo Hazir Hai Cockroach Rat Se Darta Hai, Rat Cat Se, Cat Dog Se, Dog Aadm

Insaan Sab Se Zyaada Maafi Kis Se Maangta Hai?
Insaan Apni Zindgi Mein Sab Se Zyaada Maafi Kis Se Maangta Hai? Bhagwan Se? No Boss Se? No Wife Se? No

Laws Which Newton Forgot To State
Law Of Mechanical Repair After Your Hands Become Coated With Grease, Your Nose Will Begin To Itch. Law Of The Work

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