Today Is The Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday
And Today Was Such A Lovely Day,

That I Wondered Why I Worried About Today Yesterday
So Today I Am Not Going To Worry About Tomorrow

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Ammi – Abbu Jo Yaad Aaye Hai,
Ashq Behte Hai Aaj Aankhon Se,

Zor Chalta Nahi Hai Kyun Dil Pe,
Jab Bhi “Mayke” Ki Yaad Aayi Hai,

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Karte Hain Jisse Pyar Woh Agar Kehede Mujhe Bhul Jao
Phir Bhi Usse Dil Se Nikal Nahi Sakte Hain Hum

Kehde Koi Agar Woh Tha Bewafa Jhoota Tha Uska Pyar
Bewafa Usse Keh Nahi Sakte Hain Hum

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Samjhaya Tha Ishq Na Kar Kameena Kutta Anti-Government Protester Offers A Rose To A Soldier Ultimate Sand Artwork I Have Ever Seen Sweet Kid – Sshh Batana Mat Ki Main Idhar Hun Painting Of Himself Painting Himself Ho Ye Daku To Kon Na Lutna Chahe Uncle KFC Spotted Transporter 4 – In India Ye Kuch Jyada Hi Toofani Ho Gaya

If I Told You That I Needed You
Would You Laugh And Make Mecry
If You Ever Saw My Cuts
Would You Leave N Say Goodbye
If I Told U That Your My Only Love
Would You Believe What I Say
If I Told You You Are My World
Would You Turn And Walk Away
If I Told You If I Didn’t Have You
My Life Would Come To An End
Can I Really Trust You
To Be Like My Best Friend
If I Told You That You Hurt Me
Would You Even Care
If I Told You I Wasn’t Feeling Good
Can I Count On You To Be There
If I Told You I Wanted To Die
Because You’ve Caused So Much Pain
Would You Try To Find Out
What’s Making Me Go Insane
If I Told You I Was Having Problems
And I Needed You To Stay
To Help Me Out
Would You Try To Find A Way
If I Told You I’m Deeply In Love
Bcuz I Can’t Live Without Your Touch
Would You Believe Me When I Say
I Love You Very Much
If I Told You Without Your Love
My Life Would Be Off Track
If I Told You I Loved You
Can I Trust You To Love Me Back?
If I Told You..Would You?

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Mein Tumhein Fir Milungi, Kahan? Kis Tarah? Pata Nahin!
Mein Aur Kuch Nahin Janati, Par Itana Janati Hun,
Ki Samay Jo Kuch Bhi Karega, Yeh Janam Mere Sath Chalega
Yeh Jism Marta Hai To Sab Mar Jata Hai
Par Smruti Ke Dhage Kaynati Kanon Ke Hote Hain
Mein Unn Kanon Ko Chunungi Dhago Ko Bunungi
Aur Mein Tumhein Fir Milungi

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Baniya Log Akhir Itne Paisi Kyu Bacahte Hai?
Muftimal Baniya Apne Antim Samaye Par Apni Patni Ko Bulata Hai. Muftimal: "Sunti Ho Tum Kaha Ho?" Patni Daudi Chal

Budhon Ko Sikhana Itna Asaan Kahaan
Ek Baar Gaanv Mein Bade Budhon Ko Padhane Ki Government Ne Scheme Chalai. Ek Class Mein Teacher Padhane Laga Aur Bola

What Are These For?
Man Dies. In Heaven He Sees A Large Wall Full Of Clocks. He Asks Angel: "What Are These For?" Angel Answers: "Thes

Height Of Attempting
Height Of Attempting. An Engineering Student Wrote In Exam Q. What Is An "Array"? Ans. An Array Is A Word Used

Boss Aur Umpire Dono Ek Jaise Hote Hain
Boss Aur Umpire Dono Ek Jaise Hote Hain. Karte Kuch Nahi, Bas Khade-Khade Ungli Karte Rehte Hain.

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