Laakh Koshish Ki Bahut Jatan Kia
Magar Woh Na Ho Saka Kisi Bhi Tarah Mera

Khud Par Yakeen Tha Us Pe Bhi Eitbaar Tha
Magar Halaat Ne Na Saath Diya Mera

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I Fancy Me As Quite A Rhymer
And Bot Myself A Poets’ Primer
It Helps Me Fix My Spelling Flause
And Grammar Thats Been Known To Give
Certain Of My Reader’s Paws

The Ante-La Books Oh Sew Slim
It’s Fine For Reading At The Gym
It Kewered The Ambiguity
That Used To Lay Me Low Upon
The Hights Of Dull Acuity

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Thoda Sa Aasma Thodi Si Jammi
Aur To Sab Kuch Hai

Rahegi Bas Teri Kami
Thodi Si Sharab Hai

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Wonderful Ganpati Ji Made By Vegetables Carving Banana Phone A Rare Image Of A Flying Peacock Yellow Cute Eyes of A Cat The Human Lock Optical Illusion Believe Or Not But Its Just Pencil Art Jai Shree Ganesha Meanwhile In India – Wheeling Truck Will Never Let You Go Iron Man’s Iron

Kehti Hai Kalam Par Kis Kis Ki Kahaani Likh Dalun..
Khushaal Bachpan, Ya Dard-E-Jawani Likh Dalun..

Har Koi Jahan Main Tanha Hai Bebas Raahon Pe
Us Jeete Hue Ki , Us Marte Ki Jubaani Likh Dalun

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My Friends Do Not Understand My Pain
I Tell Them That I Hurt But They Don’t Belive Me
I Wish They Would Understand Me But They Never Will
I Wish They Could Be In My Shoes And Feel The Pain
I Feel But They Can’t They Don’t Know How Much I Hurt How Many Tears
I Have Cried How Much This Pain Has Destroyed My Life How Many Pills
I Have Taken Just To Get Away From The Pain But They Don’t Work
I Cry Out In Pain But Noone Hears My Cries I Am Alone Alone Alone
I Have Too Deal With This Pain All The Time

I Hurt! ! ! ! !

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