Shab Guzri Ek Aalam-E-Iztarab Main
Kal Aagaye Iqbal Mere Khuaab Main

Poocha,Kia Arz-E-Watan Ka Haal Hey??
Arz Ki!Kahin Harbong,Kahin Hartal Hey!

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Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain
Bahut Pyaar Hain Tumse

Dil Kya Jaan Bhee De Denge
Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain

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Aate Huye Khayaalo Ko Kagaj Par Utaaro Kaise?
Jo Chal Raha Hain Man Mein Sabdo Mein Dhaloo Kaise?

Waqt Kei Safar Mei Dekha Hai Bahut Kuchh
Aaj Chal Rahi Hai Jo Aandhi Use Sambhaloo Kaise?

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Aisa Hi Hoga Jo Hamara Kahna Nahi Manega While Sailing Through – 3D Imagination By JJK Airbrush KingFisher Getting His Fast Food A Scary Watermelon Art Creative Egg Food Art Whatttt, This is Not For Me? I Love Teddy Bears Abe Chaddi Na Utariyo Yellow Cute Eyes of A Cat Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo

Woh Daur Bhi Kuch Aur Tha Yeh Daur Bhi Kuch Aur Hein
Yeh Naya Daur Hein Naya Daur Ish Naye Daur Key Naye Taur

Yanha Bhai-Bhai Ki Jaan Ko Tarse
Beta Baap Ke Dhan Ko Tarse Premi Premika Se Milan Ko Tarse

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She listens in the darkness, no sounds can she hear
The world is closing in on her, death she feels is near
Was it really worth it, trying to overcome the feeling
Her emotions she knew had been something she was never good with dealing…..
fear overtakes her and she knows she doesn’t want it to end
She tries to remember some good, maybe if she had just one friend
he was there, she only had to picture his face
Time was running out, was she going to lose the race?
She knew one time that he had indeed loved her so
Maybe just one more chance, she knew she couldn’t go
the sounds started to come back, her mind became clear
He knew she wasn’t leaving he could feel her near
She opened her eyes it took all she had in her
He was holding her hand when she began to stir
She smiled as she saw him and his face lit up like a light
I am back for you she was thinking, this time she won the fight!

lori mansfield

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Funny Veg Jokes

How Many Cats Will You Have?
Teacher: "If I Gave You 2 Cats, And Another 2 Cats And Another 2, How Many Will You Have?" Pappu: "Seven Sir" Teac

Perfect Way To Prove A Person Is A Mental Or Not
A Journalist Went To A Mental Hospital And Asked A Doctor, Journalist: "How Do You Determine Whether To Admit A Patie

Thanks For The Warning
After An Emotional Hug Girl Said To The Boy, Girl: "If You Hug Me Once More Like That, I Will Be Yours Forever" Bo

Ye Ladki To Badi Intelligent Hai
Class Mein Sir Ne Ek Ladki Se Puchha Sir: "Define Energy?" Girl: "Sir, Mujhe Poora Nahi Aata Sirf Last Ka Thoda Aa

Filmwalo Ki Gundagardi
Ticket Seller Apne Boss Se: "Boss, Koi Bhi Ra-1 Movie Ki Ticket Nahi Le Raha, Hum To Barbad Ho Jayenge" Boss Kuch Soc

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