Rulane Wale To Sabhi Mile
Aansoo Pochne Wala Naa Mila

Mere Dil Ko Thi Jis Ki Tamanna Wo Mann Chaha Na Mila
Yoon To Duniya Girne Walon Ko Uthaane Ki Baat Karti Hai

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Jhutha Hi Sahi
Tumane Pyaar To Kiya Tha
Ek Din Ke Liye Hi Sahi
Mera Entjaar To Kiya Tha

Ek Pal Ke Liye
Main Bhi Madhosh Hua Tha
Apane Hi Kheyaalo Mein
Kuchh Behosh Hua Tha

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Its Flame Illuminating
Promises Showered Never To Let It Diminish
It Is Something Beyond Humans Unable To Extinguish
Life Is Just A Shadow Of That Flame That Burns Inside
A Magic Engulfed The Atmosphere
It Was Commitment Made
A Act Of Fate
A Force Divine
Beaming Sparks Enlightened The Souls
Effervescent Fireworks Brightened
The Nights Dark Folds
The Inner World Sparkled But No One Felt The Pain
The Magic Grew With Time
All Was Not In Vain
Unable To Contain This Magic Or Truth Disclose
Life Sparkled Like Dew Drops On A Rose
The Flame Is Weak
Relighting A Dying Flame
But Not Yet Dead
Feeling Lifeless Today
Looking At The World Without Being Able To Smile
Life Is Life
Tommorrow And The Next Day
Knowing Well To Burn Out This Flame Would Mean Death
Walking The Tight Rope Cautiously Towards Reality

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Two Headed Dogs Just Eat It Amazing 3D Sketch Of A Water Bottle Cute Girl With Beautiful Eyes Parenting Fail – Baby Vs Photography Funny Hair Style – Mustache On the Back of Head This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Just Married Creative Thai Anti-Sleepy Driving Ad Bachhe Ab Bachhe Kaha Rahe

Mil Chuke Ham Is Zamaane Seh,
Khuda Seh Hain Bas Itna Kehena,

Dil Lagaana Yahaa Par Hain Sazaa,
Dil Jale Mehefilo Mein Hain Rehenaa,

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Affection Infection
I Feel As Though I’m Falling,
Will You Be There To Catch Me?
Or Will You Pull Back Your Hand And Let Me Fall,
And Emotionally Dispatch Me?

I Keep Thinking You Are With Me,
But You’re No Longer Mine,
I Say That I Will Be Okay,
But We Both Know That I’m Lying.

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Chuta Junoon Se Pecha Khuda Khuda Ker Ke
Thikaane Hosh Ye Aaya Khuda Khuda Ker Ke

Taweel Rooz Jo Hayal Tha Wasl Main Tere
Taweel Rooz Wo Guzra Khuda Khuda Ker Ke

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