Kya Kahun Mere Liye Kaun Ho Tum
Dhadkanon Kay Kissey Koney Mein Chupa
Sansoon Ka Sangeet Ho Tum
Aaj Veeran Si Duniya Mein
Yaadon Ka Ek Jharokha Ho Tum

Kya Kahun Mere Liye Kaun Ho Tum
Mehfilon Ki Bheed Mein Gum Kahin
Khoya Hua Sa Ek Afsana Ho Tum
Mere Ankahi Baaton Mein Chupa
Ek Tasaavuur Ho Tum

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It’s Been A Very Long Time.
I Feel Like Curling The Roads And Bring You Back To Me.
And When You Get Back And When
The Time Fades Away You Will Still Be The One I Love.
I Will Not Know How Long Will It Take For Us To Come Undone.
But Any Day Any Time Form Now You Will Find Your Way Back Home.
We Tried To Drawn The Line And Tried To Put Our Back On To Others
But We Found One Day The We Will Surely Drown In This Very World
Were We Meet Many Face’s Who Have Control Over Us.
I Tried To Hide In My Den For Days And Days But
All The Boundaries That I Never Dreamt To Cross I Did.
And Now I Realize That Life With All Its Conscious Won Over My Lies.
I Have Countless Times Broken Peoples Trust And For Now
When Someone Broke My Trust I Am Bleeding And I Wish You Were Here To Heal.
Like A Winter Dried Rose You Have Stayed In My Dreams Like
Your Last Smile To Me Was A Perfect Mystery.
I Would Like To Ask You To Promise Me To Take Me
To Places Beyond My Imagination And Show Me The Colors Of Serenity
The Time When You Were With Me Has Been Lost As If It Were A Whirl
And Now I Wish I Could Go Back In The Past And Breathe Infinity To The Air
When You Were Around Your Silence Was Like A Blanket To Me From
The Noise Of The World But I Soon Will Have To Step Outside My Mind And See The Reality.
I Have Started My Journey With Bags Held In My Hands And Eyes In Search For You.

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Just A Reminder To You My Dear Friend,
That The Extention Of Love Will Never End.
We Connect Here With Words At Best,
But Our Thoughts Of Each Other Never Rest.
Always I Am Giving Forth My Contribution Of Love,
Drawn From Within And High Above.
To Keep You My Friend In Its Hands,
Where Dreams Come True On Your Command.
Live Well And Enjoy Your Day

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Yun Mehfil Mey Nazrey Chura Kam Dekha Karo
Hum Be Khabar Hein Tum Sey Ye Na Samjha Karo.

Mehfil Be Bethnay Ke Kuchh Aadaab Hotey Hain
Moseeki Or Raks Sey Log Faizyaab Hotey Hain

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On This Train Of Life
A Ray Of The Sun Slips Through My Fingers,

I Can Feel The Heat Of It,
I Can Odorize Its Perfume

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