Shayad Hame Woh Bhulaane Lage Hain
Yuhin Apne Aap Ko Behlaane Lage Hain

Khawab The Hamare, Tasvoor Main Woh The
Yuhin Dil Ko Hum Behlaane Lage Hain

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Main Jis Ke Dil Ki Kitab Banta
Main Jis Ki Chahat Ka Khawaab Banta
Main Hijar Mosam Ki Lambi Raaton Mein Yaad Ban Kar Azaab Banta
Koi To Hota

Jo Meri Khwahish Mein Uth Kar Raaton Ko Khoob Rota
Dukhon Ki Chadar Lapait Kar Hajoom Duniya Say Door Hota
Main Rooth Jaata Manata Mujh Ko Kay Chahe Mera Kasoor Hota
Koi To Hota

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the feeling
of just
being in your arms
us holding hands
and locking fingers
into an uncomfortable grasp
the mood
we are one with the moon
and its effervescence
shines directly
on our giddy hearts
and our tranquilled minds
the poised
in our backs
when we’re sitting
on our beds
in wee hours
of the morning
or just before sunrise
the laughter
from our bellies
of your comical
of one of your favorite shows
Sanford and Son
the gloom
that passes through me
when i know
that you are
far away to touch
or distant
from my heart
the tears
of wretched mornings
of none of your
wake up calls
to call
and say you love me
and that you miss me
or  blow kisses at me
while i catch
them from a
morning stretch
the way
moments of loneliness
felt like hell
and the sudden
to be with you
and regressed
back into my heart

by zubiluvs 

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Real Faces Cat Is Playing Dead Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo Extra Ordinary Way To Riding A Horse Eggs Creativity – Oh Jesus, We Are Next Awesome Shot Captured Of A Girl Cute Penguins Created From Brinjal Best Place For Rest Kissing The Snakes – Only In India Believe It Or Not But Its An Oil Painting

Sitaraa Apani Bhi Taabindagi Na Dekh Sakaa
Vo Dhundh Thi Ki Ye Manzar Koi Na Dekh Sakaa

[Taabindagi = Brilliance/shine]

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Khawab Tha Woh Ya Phir Haqiqat Koi
Par Maine Jannat Sa Woh Jamaana Dekha Hai

Aakho Mai Aasha Thi Dil Mai Junnon Tha
Maine Kabhi Khud Ko Itna Dewaana Dekha Hai

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Jab Jab Hizr Ki Hui Duhaai
Jab Mausam Ne Pyaas Badhaai

Maine Usse Awaaz Lagaai Ab Aaja
Jab Taaron Ne Raat Sajaai

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