Kaamaraan Yuun Thaa Meraa Bakht-E-Javaan Kal Raat Ko
Jhuk Rahaa Thaa Mere Dar Pe Aasamaan Kal Raat Ko

[Kaamaraan=successful; Bakht=luck/fortune]

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My Bestfriend Is One Of A Kind
He’ll Walk From Californa To New Jersey For Me And Still Won’t Mind
My Bestfriend Is One Of The Best
He Walks Around With A Medal Around His Chest
My Bestfriend Is Very Strong
He Always Knows What To Do We Always Get Along
My Bestfriend Is Always Trying
He’ll Tell Me A Joke To Keep Me From Crying
My Bestfriend Is Always Spying
He Catches Me When Im Wrong And Knows When Im Lying
My Bestfriend Always No Whats Right
He’ll Turn The Dark Into The Light
My Bestfriend Is Always On Time
And If He’s In The Lime Light Then You Know He Gon Shine
My Bestfirend There Can’t Be Another
Cuz The Things He Do Can’t No Other.

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Hum Bhi Kasam Kahte Hai
Ki Hogi Tumhare Chehre Per Ek Pyaar Ki Jhalak
Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Jhaank Kar Dekho
Tumhare Liye Pyaar Kitna Hai
Tum Chaaho…
Toh Fanna Ho Jaye Tere Pyaar Mein
Bas Is Dil Ka Khyal Rakhna
Jis Din Toot Gaya Mein Bhi Toot Jaoon Gaa
Aur Kya Pataa Ki Mein Qyamat Bhi Le Aoon
Jis Din Mein Qyamat Le Aya
Us Din Duniya Badal Jayegi
Mein Kaheta Hoon
Ki Mere Dil Mei Hi Baskar Rahena
Kabhi Is Dil Ko Chod Kar Met Jaana

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A Bulb Required No Electricity I Am So Thirsty Jai Mata Di Amazing Sand Art Lion Looking Real Wonderful Ganpati Ji Made By Vegetables Carving Get Up Dady, It’s Morning Now An Idea That Works Are We Gonna Die Too? I Would Not Leave You Behind For Anything The Universe Has A Message For You

Qatil Ho Jaiye Jab Yeh Nazer Bebaak Ho Jaiye
Jhuk Jaiye To Phir Tabeer-E-Khawab Ho Jaiye

Sawaliya Nazron Say Dekhte Hain Log Mujhe
Kiya Ho Agar Tuu Mera Jawaab Ho Jaiye

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Baraabar Se Bachakar Guzar Jaane Vaale
Ye Naale Nahiin Be-Asar Jaane Vaale


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Good People Hold Your All Technology,
Beginning To Write A Rare Eulogy.
God Lovingly Made Her Indeed A Physique,
Strange To All Of Us Obviously Unique.
Each Of Her Hairs And Every Piece Of Fur,
Is A Nice Sapling Of Heavenly Flower.
Follicle Contains It As A Fine Tub,
Flower Will Bloom If Get Pure Love.
I’ll Count All Those One By One,
Don’ow When The Task Full Will Be Done.
My Care Must Reach Each And Every Fur,
You Can Term It A Love Affair.
I Shall Be Writing Praiseworthy Notes,
Only My Soul’s Speech No Other Quotes.
Sure It Can Take Time Years Million,
Tell It A Dollar Case Of Romantibillion.

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