So hard to say it
unable to type
made my fingers paralyzed
Not to make it hard on you
Not to make you suffer
like I do
I smiled with tears in my eyes
Sent you a flower
to stay with you never die
I walked away thinking
we are still friends
But this feeling didn’t seem right
Something did really deep inside
Tears dropped so hard
not from my eyes
Tears looked so red
from my heart I realized
Try to forget my pains. Go!
Fly away never look back
Keep flying don’t stop..
you found your way..
How can I fly?
You were my wings
How can I cry?
My tears dried up
When you took away with you
my feelings..
Yet..Life goes on..

by Krizalid 

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Ekk Baar To Nazren Mila Kar Dekho,
Fir Bhale Hee Palken Jhuka Dena.

Ekk Pal Ko Hee Rakh Lo Aankhon Mein Apni,
Fir Bhale Hee Bana Ke Aansu Baha Dena.

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Milney Ko Dil Aab Karta Hai,
Par Kyon Karta Hai Pata Nahin,

Phoolon Sa Tan Badan Hai Par
Dil Kyon Darta Hai Pata Nahin,

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she comes early this morning
blue all over
and i give her tea and let her speak what is in her mind.

like she is a storm today,
she has given me turbulence, speaking about how abuse
can be inflicted, verbal physical emotional, against her
a woman of virtue
and intellect, she sips the tea and breaks some cookies
her breakfast today, and she continues about
what he did to her

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Tu Hi Baata Tujh Ko Humraaz Banaayein Kaise
Khwaab Hai Ya Haqeeqat Yeh Bataaen Kaise

Husn Tera Hai Haseen Sab Se Humein Hai
Maaloomphir Bhi Ae Dil Tujhe Apnaa Banaaein Kaise

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