While Others
May Try To Win Your Favor
Remember Who Kept Your
While They Dangle
Your Pride
In The Wind
And Turn It Into Sunshine
Don’t Forget
Who Was Patience
With Your Thickheadedness
While Others
Try To Gain That Affection
Remember The One
You Have
At Home
And When It’s Time
To Tell Me
Those Cowardly Words
Instead Of Explanations
Just Leave Me Alone

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Mujhay Har Waqt Tera Hi Khayaal Rehta Hai
Tu Ayai Naa Ayai Dil Ko Intizaar Rehta Hai
Main Tujh Se Nafrat Bhi Karna Chahoon Magar
Dil Mein Har Dam Tera Hi Pyaar Rehta Hai
Dil Mein Teri Aas,Teri Pyaas Hai
Isiliye To Dil Baiqaraar Rehta Hai
Main Kisi Aur Se Mohabbat Karne Lagoon
Dil Mein Is Baat Kai Liye Inkaar Rehta Hai
Duaa Hai Tera Chehra Jald Hi Dikh Jaa Aai
Dil Auroan Ke Chehroan Se Baizaar Rehta Hai
Main Tujhai Yaad Karta Rehta Hoon
Dil Mein Teri Yaadoan Ka Bazaar Rehta Hai
Tu Mujhai Milaigi Zaroor
Yehi Khayaal Najaanai Kyoon Har Baar Rehta Hai

Duniya Tujhai Baiwafaa Samajhti Hai
Isi Liye Duniya Se Maira Taqraar Rehta Hai
Meri Aankhoan Mein Teri Tasveer Ho Jaisai
Aankhoan Mein Har Dam Tera Khumaar Rehta Hai

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एक नजर भी वो अब
कभी उठाती नही है

गलती से मिल जाए नज़र
कभी मुस्कुराती नही है

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Wood Sculpture Of Horse By Erdogan Barlik Sweet Desi Kudi Smiling In Green Top Dear Eye Why You No Handle These Simple Illusions Sexy Megan Fox Face Closeup Just Eat It Dashing Einstein Of This Generation Let Me Rest Here For While Save Tree – Million Dollar Pic City Made Out Of Toothpicks Cute Teddy Bear Ice Cream

I Stepped Between Gagoo
And Lovely Samar
When The Orange Was Handed Out
At The Beginning Of The Line
In Some Friend’s House
Whose Name I Can’t Bring Back,
Just Samar’s Big Breasts Clear
Under The Green Angora Sweater,
Gagoo’s Drooped Mouth
When She Collected That Orange
So Close To Her Throat
I Could Feel Her Pulse
As I Wrapped One Arm Around
Her Waist And Pulled Her Snug
So The Orange Would Not Drop
Between Us
But Be Caught Between Our Chests
Where I Could Shimmy Down To Hook
My Jutting Chin
Around Its Cool Smoothness
And, Inch By Inch, Bring It Up Again
Till My Eyes Were Level With Her Lips,
The Gold Sparkle On Them Glinting
Each Time We Swayed
And I Felt Each Breast Give And Give
Till The Orange Was Mine
And She Hung On That Extra Second
Just To See How Firm A Grip
I Really Had, Although The Clock
Was Ticking
And We Knew This Could Be Our Very
Best Time.

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Meri Raatein Teri Yaadon Se Saji Rehti Hain,
Meri Sansein Teri Khushboo Se Basi Rehti Hain,

Meri Ankhon Mein Tera Sapna Saja Rehta Hai,
Haan Mere Dil Mein Tera Aks Basa Rehta Hai,

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Jab Nazdikiya Lagne Lage Bandhan
Aur Saas Lena Chahe Tan Man
Tab Lab Yahi Gungunate Hai
Chalo Hum Juda Ho Jaate Hai
Dard Bhar Kar Muskurane Se Ab Kya Faayada
Maayusi Mein Geet Gaane Se Kya Faayda
Jiski Aankhon Se Aansoo Bas Thakte Nahi
Usko B-Matlab Hasane Se Kya Faayda
Ehssas Hai Tumko Khone Ka
Ehsaas Hai Tanha Hone Ka
Saari Saasen Ghut Jaane Ka
Apna Sab Kuchh Lut Jaane Ka

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