Tired Of The Bs
Tired Of All The Stress
Tired Of Everyones Mouth
Tired Of The Fake Smiles
Im Tired;
What You Want Me To Do
Change My Face Expression Just For You
When Your Tired I Understand
But When Its Flipped Around You Can’t
You Want To Flip Out Just Because Of My Lack Of Sleep
Now Dose That Make Since? Well It Doesn’t To Me
Im Just Tired
And Want To Graduate Already
So I Can Get Away Of All The Unfair Things
Im Ready
Because No One Gets The Simplest Things
That Is How It Has Always Seemed
You Ask Me A Question And I Respond
You Get All Nasty Becasue
You Don’t Like The Response
I Can’t Stand How You Side Wit Everyone But Me
I Thought That I Was Seeing Things
But Now I Know What I See
Wat Can I Do But Deal
But If I Can’t Do It Verbally
Then Writing Here Is The Only Way I Know How To Keep It Real

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Is Zindagi Ki Shaam Hone Ko Hai
Duniya Anjaan Hone Ko Hai

Aane Wala Wo Pal Hai…
Jiska Intezaar Khone Ko Hai

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Kise Dosh Doon

Aappki Khoobsurati Ko Ya Apne Pagalpan Ko,
Aappke Bholepan Ko Ya Apne Deewanepan Ko

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Happy Diwali 2012 Jai Shree Ganesha Funny Cat – I’m Sorry I Ate Your Friend Elephant Fish, Look Awesome GoPlate Concept – Eating While Standing I Am Ready For A Ride Sweet Child In Blue Dress Sweet Brown Puppy Looking Somewhere Not Today – Once In A Lifetime Shot A Cool Creativity With Scissors

A- Aur Satao Na

B- Bhut Intizaar Hai Aa Jao Na

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Khushii Ne Mujh Ko Thukaraayaa Hai Ranj-O-Gam Ne Paalaa Hai
Gulon Ne Berukhii Kii Hai To Kaanton Ne Sambhaalaa Hai

Muhabbat Men Khayaal-E-Saahil-O-Manzil Hai Naadaanii
Jo In Raahon Men Lut Jaaye Vahii Taqadiir Vaalaa Hai

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Mere Lahu Se Ter Tum, Apna Chaman Na Kerna
Yun Laal Laal Is Ke ,Barg-O-Suman Na Kerna

Uttae Na Shoar Mere,Merne Ke Baad Koi
Maahoal Apnae Ghar Ka,Tum Bud-Aman Na Kerna

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Funny Veg Jokes

Why Do We All Marry?
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Itni Bhadiya Job Chhod Di
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Ladkiyo Ki Awww Ka Badla Le Hi Liya Isne
Boy To Girl: "Pen Hai?" Girl: "Nahi Hai" Boy: "Pen Hai Pen?" Girl: "Kaha Na Nahi Hai" Thodi Der Baad Boy:

Family Ho To Aisi
Highway Par Police Ne Car Rok Kar Checking Ki Aur Driver Se Kaha Inspector: "Ye Safety Week Hai, Aap Belt Pehan Ke Ca

Aurat Ek Lajwaab Ajooba Hai, Par…
Qudrat Ne Aurat Ko Ek Lajwaab Ajooba Banaya Use Duniya Mein Sabse Haseen Banaya Bhar-Bhar Ke Khubsurti Di Hirni

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