Apna Hisa Shumar Karti Thi
Who Mujh Se Itna Pyar Karti Thi

Who Banati Thi Meri Taswiren
Phir In Se Batain Hazar Karti Thi

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Mister Blue Sky
Serious 70s Guy
Serious Musician
Automatic Love
Best Hug
Grey Trench
Wanting To Be Like You
Wanting To Dress Like You
Impress You
Make You Love Me
You Already Do
I Wasn’t True
F**K*D Up
Mucked Up Girl
Lost In A World
Not Even Knowing
What Gender She Owns
But Not Confused
It’s Not A Ruse
This Love Is Real
It’s All I Feel
I Don’t Know
What’s Up Or Down
But I Guess It Don’t Matter
In The End
In The End
My Friend, The End,
You Are The Only Thing
I Can Count On
And You Take Away
My Friend,
Mister Blue Sky Love
Now He’s Gone
And So Am I

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Kyaa Naheen Hum Ney Kiyaa, Un Ko Manaaney Key Liye?
Jaan Beychain Ruhee, Apnaa Banaaney Key Liye?

Baad-E-Mushriq Hai, Saamney Hai Mousum-E-Baaraan;
Aatish-E-Burq Hai Hur Simt Jalaaney Key Liye!

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Real Faces Cat Is Playing Dead Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo Extra Ordinary Way To Riding A Horse Eggs Creativity – Oh Jesus, We Are Next Awesome Shot Captured Of A Girl Cute Penguins Created From Brinjal Best Place For Rest Kissing The Snakes – Only In India Believe It Or Not But Its An Oil Painting

Wo Pyar Kya Hota Hai Jisme Dil Ki Baataon Ko Chupaya Jaaye
Chain To Milta Nahi Hame Ik Pal, Bas Pal Pal Hame Tarpaaya Jaaye?

Log To Urtey Phirtey Hai Pyar Mein, Us Khuley Neeleey Aasmaan Mein,
Par Kyu Phir Dil Ki Baataon Ko Dil Me Hi Dafnaya Jaaye?

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Ashk Behte Nahi Aankho Se Meri Ab
Par Yaad Aati Hai Unki Baatein Aksar

Sisakti Hai Tanhaiyon Me Meri Dhadkane
Jab Yaad Aati Hai Unki Mulaakate Aksar

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Puchna Na Mujhse Iss Dil Ke Fasaane
Baanke Khushbu Woh Mujhme Lage Samane

Aankho Se Dur Par Har Saans Main Baase Hai
Chit Chor Hai Koi Jo Mujhko Mujse Laga Churane

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Funny Veg Jokes

Suppose Karke To Dekho
Wife Apne Husband Ke Paas Gayi Aur Romantic Mood Mein Kehti Hai. Wife: "Suppose Karo Ki Main Tuhari Har Baat Samjhu A

Galti Ho Jaye To Kya Karna Chahiye
Perfect Message From Our Baba Saxidas Agar Kabhi Aapse Koi Galti Ho Jaye, To Do Minute Apni Aankhein Band Karke,

Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?
Question: "Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?" Answer: "Fry Day"

Facebook Status Difference
Girl's Facebook Status - Traveled In A Bus After Such A Long Time. Comments: Awwwww.. Muah.. May Be Next Time W

Truth About Boys & Girls
Girl 1: "I Am In Love" Girl 2: "Who Is He?" Girl 3: "How Does He Look?" Girl 4: "What Color?" Girl 5: "How T

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