Zindegi Tu Bhi Ajeeb Hai,
Kabhi Hasaye Hume Kabhi Rulati Hai,

Kabhi Lagti Hai Tu Bahut Dur,
Kabhi Lagti Tu Kareeb Hai!

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Something In The Words You Never Said
Makes Me Feel I Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Catch Me Now I’m Falling
Hear The Angels Calling

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Eye Halve A Spelling Chequer
It Came With My Pea Sea
It Plainly Marques Four My Revue
Miss Steaks Eye Kin Knot Sea

Eye Strike A Key And Type A Word
And Weight Four It Two Say
Weather Eye Am Wrong Oar Write
It Shows Me Strait A Weigh

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Everyone Love Coca-Cola This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. Coca Cola Light Advertisement Amazing Leaf Art Work By Lorenzo Duran The Click Of Love True Fact About Boys Turtle Likes Strawberry Awesome – This Sculpture Is Made By Chains Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil Don’t Cut Me Please

Desh Kee Mittee Aisee Chootee,
Bhaagy Mujhe Laaya Pardesh
Ghar Rishton Se Badheen Dooriyaan,
Chootaa Mel-Jol, Sandesh

Baaba,Maan, Aur Bahan Kee,
Saaree Khushiyon Kee Khaatir
Saat Samundar Paar Basaaya,
Dhan Kee Chaahat Ne Aakhir

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It’s The Deepest Of Emotions, Igniting
A Candle Of Love
A Flame Forever Burning, So Deep For
Only You And I
It Is The Happiness You Have Fulfilled
Inside My Heart
That Has Truly Caused Heavens Angels
To Never Again Cry.

It’s Your Kind Heart That Has Captured
Mine Darling
It’s You Who Holds My Heart Deep In
Your Hands
It’s You, Who Is Beautiful As A Sunset
Over The Horizon
And It Is You Who Has Left Footprints
In My Hearts Sand.

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Kaun Kahata Hai K Maut Aai To Mar Jaaunga
Main To Dariyaa Hoon Samandar Mein Utar Jaaungaa

Tera Dar Chhorr K Main Aur Kidhar Jaaungaa
Ghar Mein Ghir Jaaunga Sahra Mein Bikhar Jaaungaa

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