Ye Lamhe Naakaafi Hain Doston
Bhari Si Ye Jindgi Bitaane Ko,
Ek Kaam Karo Milte Raho
Meri Ye Jindgi Sajaane Ko,

Tumhaare Saath Jo Bitaaya Wo Waqt
Theher Sa Gaya Hai Mere Khazaane Me,
Ek Kaam Karo Ise Or Bharo
Kaheen Ye Kharch Na Ho Jaaye Lutane Me,

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And You Conspired In Notion
Composed The Plan
Built False Scenery
Wordless Of Truth..
You Set The Trap
Placed The Bait
To Catch A Fallen Star
To See It Burn To Ash..
But You Took No Notice Of It’s Fire
Burned Your Deceptive Mask
Accidentally On The Flames
Inhaled It’s Captured Fumes For Luck
Then Gave Into A Thousand Deaths Of Theives..
You Went & Borrowed God’s Lighting
With No Intentions Of Return
Read Your Lie Put To Paper, From It’s Glow
Blew In Vain It’s Surface Hot
‘Til Last Ember Sputtered Out..
Now The Darkness Is About You
With No Sign Of Life Accept Your Plea
In Silent Trepidation Finally Admitting To Yourself
~ There Would Be No You Without Me. . .

by Queen P. 

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Humne Chaha Tha Jise Dil Se
Woh Bane Kisi Aur Ke Toh Koi Baat Nahi

Gam Toh Is Baat Ka Hai Ki..
Unhon Nein Humey Chaha Hi Nahi..

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Drift Wood Art – A Horse Made From Driftwood Sweet Child In Blue Dress Specially Designed For Africa One Of The Best 3D Street Art This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. Fish Face Photograph by Nick Kelly A Little Kitten in Towel Looking Cute Another Example Of Perfectly Rounded Circles True Fact About Boys Are Your Eyes Betraying You.

Duniya Pyar Di Dushman Hey,
Kinne Aashiq Ona Ditte Marva Ni,
Pher Wi Pyaar Karan Da Janoon Hey,
Jas Nu Hun Kisse Di Parwa Ni…

Meri Akhan Ch Teri Uddek Hey,
Tera Rasta Takdi Meri Nigah Ni,
Bahuti Der Na Lagayi Jaan,
Kithe Muk Na Jaaye Mera Saah Ni…

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Star Light
Your Beauty Is Such A Sight
I Wish To Pull You Down And Hold You Tight
To Lighten Up This Wondrous Night

You Hover Over Us All
You Make Us All Fell Small
Even If We Are Quite Tall

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Funny Veg Jokes

Always Make Sure
Two Hunters Are Out In The Woods When One Of Them Collapses. He Doesn’t Seem To Be Breathing And His Eyes Are Glaze

Kya Nishani Lagayi Hai
Santa Aur Banta Bade Hi Pakke Dost The Dono Ne Do Ghode Khareede. Ab Problem Ye Thi Ki Ye Kaise Pata Lagega Ki Konsa

Gharwalo Ko Batana Bhi To Jaruri Tha
Santa Apne Dost Ke Ghar Aaya Hua Tha, Raat Ko Khaana-Peena Kha Kar Jab Wapis Apne Ghar Jane Laga To Dekha Ki Bahar Bahut

A Very Hottest Message Of Girls’s T-Shirt
A Very Hottest Message Written In Front Of A Girls’s T-Shirt. Sirf Sochne Se Nahi, Sirf Dekhne Se Nahi, Kuch

Ladkiyo Ko Ek Nek Salah
Ek Sunder Si Ladki Doctor Ke Pass Gayi Aur Boli. Ladki: "Dr Saab, Meri Skin Bahut Soft, Sensitive Hai Aur Rang Bahut

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