Sab Kuch Tu Tere Pass Hai
To Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?
Hai Pyar Bhi Tere Liye
Khayal Bhi Tere Liye
Ye Dil Bhi Tere Pass Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?
Main Sochta Hoon Bas Tujhe
Main Dekhta Hoon Bas Tujhe
Jab Mujh Pe Etebaar Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?
Hai Zindagi Tere Liye Ye Dil, Khushi Tere Liye
Ye Sab Jo Tere Pass Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udaas Hai?
Too Neend Main, Tu Khwab Main
Too Mere Dasht-O-Aab Main
Har Pal Too Mere Saath Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?
Har Simt Hain Gul Khile Houe
Hain Dost Bhi Mile Houe
Har Simt Piyar Hi Piyar Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?
Ye Dil, Khushi Or Etebaar
Ye Dost, Khwab Or Ye Piyar
Sab Kuch Tu Tere Pass Hai
Tu Phir Kiyon Dil Udass Hai?

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Dil-O-Dimaag Ko Ro Laa Lungee, Aah Kar Luungee
Tumhaare Ishq Men Sab Kuchh Tabaah Kar Luungee

Agar Mujhe Na Milaay Tum Tumhaare Sar Kii Qasam
Main Apanii Saarii Javaanii Tabaah Kar Luungee

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At Last My Heart Now Feels
Something Never Felt
With Anyone, With Any Heart

Need To Tell You
Your Love Makes Me Melt

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

No One Loves Me My Car Is Always Surprised To See Me Wood Sculpture Of Horse By Erdogan Barlik I Lava You – Amazing Click This Is The Power Of Red Bull Priceless Ring Most Amazing and Funny Statue Lets Enjoy Dude Amazing Coffee Painting On Wall Guess Who Is Pregnant?

Tum Ko Shauhrat Ho Mubark
Hum Ko Ruswa Na Karo
Khud Bhi Bik Jaoge Ek Rooz
Ye Sauda Na Karo

Shauk Se Parda Karo
Parda Hai Wajib Lekin
Meri Kismaat Ke Andheroon
Main Izaafa Na Karo

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A Person Can Be Happy And Gay
But Once His Family Ties Are Lost

He’s Bound To Go Astray
No Matter How Much Boasts He

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Keh To Diya Unse Ki Hum Bhul Jayenge
Tumhe Aur Tumhari Bewafai Ko

Je Lenge Tanha Aur Seh Lenge Dil Ki
Tanhai Ko Par Sach Kahe To Na Dil Ko

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Funny Veg Jokes

Power Of A Prayer – Joke Cum Story
A Bar Opened Opposite A Church! The Church Prayed Daily Against The Bar Business Days Later The Bar Was Struck By

Santa FBI Agent Ban Hi Gaya
Santa Went To Interview For FBI Agent. Interviewer: "Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?" Santa: "Thanks For Giving The Jo

All Men Are The Same ?
For A Girl Who Says, All Men Are The Same Should Be Asked, Who Told Her To Try All Of Them.

Bina Poori Baat Jane Kuch Mat Bolo
Girl-Friend Apne Boy-Friend Ko Udaasi Se Boli. Girl-Friend: "Maine Cheating Ki Hai" Boy-Friend Pahle Hairan Hua Fi

Pappu Definitely Needs A Salary Increase
Pappu To Boss: "I Got To Definitely Have A Salary Increase, Three Other Companies Are After Me" Boss: "Really? Which

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