The Beautiful Sun Was Setting Around,
The Murky Water Was Making A Gentle Sound.

As You And I Walked On The Beach, Hand In Hand,
Our Bare Feet Made Light Imprints In The Sand

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Har Yaad Us Ki Bhula Di Hum Ne
Is Trha Khud Ko Saza Di Hum Ne

Khud Lutay, Dil Bhi Lutaya Hum Ne
Yun Muhabbat Ko Baqaa Di Hum Ne

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I Accept You In Confidence
I Listen And Admire Your Wisdom

We Are One When We Are Together
You And I Will Always Be Friends

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Awesome Ganesha Food Art Bol Tune Uska Comment Like Kyu Kiya? Jai Mata Di Mind-Bending Shadow Illusion Where Are You Hiding Little Baby? Humanity – A Man Saved Kittens From Heavy Flood This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. Cute Girl With Beautiful Eyes I Really Miss You Banana Phone

Teri In Paak Najron Par Jo Mera Eitbar Hai.
Yeh Aur Kuch Nahi, Bus Tere Ishq Ka Khumaar Hai.

Mere Dil Mein Jo Kasak Si Barkaraaaar Hai
Yeh Aur Kuch Nahi, Bus Tere Ishq Ka Khumaar Hai.

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Kuch Lalachi Logo Ne, Ise Bhi Vayopaar Bana Liya
Baich Kar Logo Ki Jaan, Khud Ko Malamaal Bana Liya

Nahi Koi Majhab Inka, Na Hi Koi Desh Hai
Paisa Hai Dharma Inka, Mout Inke Liye Ek Kheil Hai

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Funny Veg Jokes

Suppose Karke To Dekho
Wife Apne Husband Ke Paas Gayi Aur Romantic Mood Mein Kehti Hai. Wife: "Suppose Karo Ki Main Tuhari Har Baat Samjhu A

Galti Ho Jaye To Kya Karna Chahiye
Perfect Message From Our Baba Saxidas Agar Kabhi Aapse Koi Galti Ho Jaye, To Do Minute Apni Aankhein Band Karke,

Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?
Question: "Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?" Answer: "Fry Day"

Facebook Status Difference
Girl's Facebook Status - Traveled In A Bus After Such A Long Time. Comments: Awwwww.. Muah.. May Be Next Time W

Truth About Boys & Girls
Girl 1: "I Am In Love" Girl 2: "Who Is He?" Girl 3: "How Does He Look?" Girl 4: "What Color?" Girl 5: "How T

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