I Will Take My Sabbath
In You My Shepherd
My Love

I Will Walk Where You
Send Me, So Please
Send Me

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Kyun Dhadkane Aaj Bhi Tera Hi Naam Leti Hai,
Kyun Nigahen Aaj Bhi Tumhe Hi Dundhati Hai,

Kyun Sanson Main Aaj Bhi Tumhari Hi Khushbu Hai,
Kyun Bahon Main Aaj Bhi Tumhari Hi Bahon Ki Garmi Hai,

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We Started Off Trembling
Unsure Of What
Laid Ahead Of Us
Never Dared To Hope
That It Would Last
I Always Kept My Eyes Closed
For A Minute Or Two
When I Woke Up
Wondering If You’d Be There
When I Opened Them

After A While We Grew Accustomed
To Each Other
To What We’d Made
Of Our Feelings
Of Our Love
Yet I Never Said Forever
Never Even Said Tomorrow

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Hats Off To Her A Royal Horse Running In Yard Rolls-Royce Apparition Concept City Made Out Of Toothpicks Wrong, But Still Want One I Ordered A Mouse Not A Computer Mouse Amazing Pink Flower Bird Awesome Click Of Birds Awesome Watermelon Shark Creativity Samjhaya Tha Ishq Na Kar

Your Beauty Is Like A Night Time Sky
Your Eyes Twinkel Like The Stars In Tha Sky
Your Smile Shines Bright Like The Moon In The Sky
Everytime I Look Up At The Night Time Sky
I Think Of You & Your Beauty
If You Were Ever To Take Your
Beauty Away From Me I Wouldn’t
Have Anything To Bring Me Joy
After A Hard Day
I Want To Be Your Day & Night
Your Joy & Happiness, I Wan To
Be Your Everything
You Bring Me Joy When I’m Down
Light When I’m Blinded With Darkness
You’re My Everything
My Night Time Sky

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Ek Shaks Ne Aakar Meri Zindagi Badal Di
Itna Pyar Diya Usne Ki Meri Taqdeer Badal Di

Maangte Thhe Khuda Se Khush Tu Hume Rakhna
Ab Dua Karte Hain Ki Sare Jaha Ki Khushiya Sirf Unhe Dena

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Kaun Hindu Kya Musalma Hota Hai,
Mazhab Se Qabl To Har Koi Insaan Hota Hai,

Chaand Mehtaab Hai Gar Yaha Poonam Ka,
Chaudhvi Ka To Wha Par Bhi Gumaan Hota Hai,

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Funny Veg Jokes

Santa FBI Agent Ban Hi Gaya
Santa Went To Interview For FBI Agent. Interviewer: "Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?" Santa: "Thanks For Giving The Jo

All Men Are The Same ?
For A Girl Who Says, All Men Are The Same Should Be Asked, Who Told Her To Try All Of Them.

Bina Poori Baat Jane Kuch Mat Bolo
Girl-Friend Apne Boy-Friend Ko Udaasi Se Boli. Girl-Friend: "Maine Cheating Ki Hai" Boy-Friend Pahle Hairan Hua Fi

Pappu Definitely Needs A Salary Increase
Pappu To Boss: "I Got To Definitely Have A Salary Increase, Three Other Companies Are After Me" Boss: "Really? Which

WhatApp Ki Shocking News
Aaj Subha Maine Newspaper Mein Padha Ki: "Doston Ke Saath WhatsApp Karne Se Sabse Jyada Time Waste Hota Hai." To Aaj

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