My Dreams Are Infected.
By The Words You Use To Say.
Every Promise Broken.
Every Heart Full Of Pain.
Everything You Told Me Only Made It Worse.
Every Bad Thing That Happened.
Every Look Filled With Hurt.

Your Promises Are Infected.
By The Lies You Use To Tell.
Every Nightmare With Your Face.
Every Night Lived In Hell.
Everything You Did Only Made Me Cry.
Every Time You Said I Love You.
Every Tear Stained Eye.

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The Human Population Increasing And Bigger Grows The Rural Town
And For More Houses To House More People More Woodland Trees Have Been Cut Down
And Nature’s Children Made To Suffer The Local Wildlife Have Been Dispossessed
When Creatures Lose The Wood They Lived In They Become Homeless And Distressed
And Without Shelter They Fall Victim Of Predators Due To Habitat Destruction Wildlife Becoming Rare
Few Of Them Survive Dispossession For So Few Can Hope To Live Elsewhere
So Few Successful At Dispossessing Others And If Predator Does Not Get Them Of Hunger They Die
And More Species Near To Extinction And That Extinction Is Forever Is Not A Lie,
The Human Population Is Increasing And Wildlife Is On The Decrease
And Humans Of Yet Have Not Learned With Nature For To Live In Peace
Each Day More Species Are In Extinction And Extinction Is Forever More
And Climate Change And Habitat Destruction Take Toll On Wildlife As Never Before
The Human Population Is Increasing And More Trees Are Being Cut Away
And That Wildlife Are Becoming Rarer That Does Seem A Sad Thing To Say.

Francis Duggan

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Kuch Gam Behisaab Mile
To Kuch Daag Beshumaar Mile
Is Ishq Mei Ham Tumhe Kya Batayein
K Kitne Zakhm Hamei Baar Baar Mile

Raahein Chuni Thi Saaf Magar
Thokrein Baar Baar Mili
Roshni Ki Chaht Mei Hamei
Gam K Andhere Baar Baar Mile

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Enjoying The Wind – A Royal Click Oops Suicide Jump Bam Bam Bhole I Am Enjoying The Ride Get Up Dady, It’s Morning Now This Is Called Bravery Car Viper Jugaad Mind Blowing Illusion – Which Side Is Up Babhi Se Milne Ki Tyaari Believe It Or Not But This Is A Cake

Maan Liya Sach Kehti Ho
Mujhse Mohabbat Karti Ho

Mere Khwaabon Ki Duniya Mein Rehti Ho
Meri Yaad Ka Alam

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Tadap Rahi Hun Main Tadap Raha Hai Tu Jabse
Dil Bechan Hai Tu Juda Huye Hai Hum Jabse

Raah Main Aai Kai Muskhile Hameri
Umeed Thi Mujhe Tum Ak Roz Miloge Mujse

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Jab The Tum Saath Tuh Aisa Na Hota Tha
Muskurahte Thi, Aansu Aankh Na Bhigota Tha

Aaj Juda Hun Tujhse Aise Ki Bas Bache Aansu
Tere Saath Tuh Dukhon Ka Alam Na Hota Tha

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