Tum Dil Ki Batein Kya Samjho
Tum Dil Ka Lagana Kya Jano

Tum Aag Lagana Seekh Gaye
Per Aag Bujhana Kya Jano

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Some Bodies Are So Well Lived In
They Look Older Than Their Time.
Hard Living Has Aged
Every Crease, Wrinkle And Line.
They Look Much Older
Than They Really Should.
Their Expressions Is Worn Out,
Their Laughter Thin And Bare.
The Life They’ve Lead
Has Taken The Toll There.
The Youth They Should Have
Has Disappeared Without Trace,
Now All Everyone Sees Is Hardness,
No Softness Or Grace.
Many Things Can Cause This Aged Look Upon A Face,
That’s Worn And Tired Look, Long Before Its Time.
Some Say It Is Caused By This And That,
But No One Is Really Sure.
Only That It Happens
And It Could To Anyone.

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Raahon Me Kuch Yaad Aa Gaya…
Aur Usey Shabdon Me Jaahir Kar Rahi Hu..

If U Guys Understand What Am Saying..Which Is Reality..
Hona To Wahi Tha Jo Ho Chuka Hai

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Beautiful Glass Winged Butterfly Momma You Sleep And I Will Protect You Ultimate Tip To Reduce Weight Oooii Maaaaa, Ye Kya Hai? Hyper Realistic Painting By Antonio Cazoria Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo Funny Hair Style – Mustache On the Back of Head Best Couple In Town Mast Girl In Green Top This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo.

Ye Mohabbat Bhi Na Jane,Kaise-Kaise Sitam Dahati Hai,
Mahbuba Kabhi Aag To Kabhi Gulab Nazar Aati Hai

Yun To Pite Hai Kai Log Maikhane Mein Jam Par Jam,
Par Aasli Nasha To Unki Ankhon Ki Sharab Rang Lati Hai.

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Dilon Ko Laga Kar Dilon Ko Jalana
Yahi Hei Mohabbat Kaa Kis Sa Poorana

Nichawar Karoon Jaan Apni Usse Par
Mere Jeene Ka Jo Bana Hai Bahana

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Guzrenge Phir Wohi Raahon Se Pataa Na Tha,
Is Tarhaa Kabhi Hum Milenge, Socha Na Tha.

Jaante The Hum Kii Wo Waqt Kaa Maara Na Tha,
Hum Bhi Yeh Jahaan Luta Denge, Socha Na Tha.

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