After Eleven Years As Prime Minister It Does Seem Quite Strange
That John Howard The Ageing Politician Is Talking Of Climate Change
But This After All Is An Election Year
And Of Losing The Top Job Is Now His Greatest Fear.

For Eleven Years Warnings Of Climate Change He Chose To Ignore
But Climate Change Has Become An Election Issue As Never Before
Howard The Climate Change Convert On Combating Climate Change Now Leads The Way
On Climate Change He Has Become An Instant Expert And On It Has Much To Say.

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Mausamo Kee Baat Kee Jaye
Chalo Ab Tumhari Baat Kee Jaye

Thak Gaye Zamane Kee Uljhano Se Hum
Chalo Kuch Deir Rahat Kee Baat Kee Jaye

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Kiraya Makaan Ka Ada Karne Jaoun
Ke Bazaz-O-Khyaat Ka Bil Chukaoun
Dava Laoun Ya Daktar Ko Bulaoun
Ke Main Tax Walon Se Peecha Chudaoun

Khudara Batao Kahan Bhag Jaoun
Main Is Ded Ane Mein Kya Kya Banaoun
Bahut Badh Gaya Hai Makan Ka Kiraya
Idhar Nal Ke Ab-E-Ravan Ka Kiraya

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Save Water – Only 3% Water Of The Earth Is Fresh True Lines – Someone In The Sky To Protect Me I Will Eat Them Baba Ram Dev Ne Bola Hai Dangerous Railway Tracks Jungle Mein Mangal – They Also Need It Eye See You – OMG What Is This Amazing 3D Coca-Cola Painting 3D Button Art On A Building Looks Like An Engineer’s Heart

Husna Walon Mai Mohabbat Ki Kami Hoti Hai
Aur Chahne Walon Ki Taqdeer Buri Hot Hai

Haseenao Ki Yehi Aadat Buri Hoti Hai Ke
Dil Mai Mohabbat Aur Haath Mai Churi Hoti Hai

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I’ve Been Lied To Over And Over,
And Cheated On A Dozen Times,
I’ve Tried And Tried And Tried,
A Million Things To Make You Mine.
I Was Stabbed In The Back,
With The Sharpest Of Knives,
And I Was Hurt So Bad,
I Tried Taking My Own Life.
My Tears Could Have Filled An Ocean,
With The Many Times I Cried,
And I Embarrassed Myself So Many Times,
I Was Forced To Swallow My Pride.
But All Of That Is Over Now,
And None Of It Even Matters,
Because If I Had The Chance Again,
I Would Make It Turn Out Better.
I Would Suffer A Thousand Heartaches,
And Cry A Billion Tears,
If It Meant For Only A Minute,
That I Could Have You Here.

by dylanzmom727 

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Teri Chahat Mein Jag Bhulana Bahut Hua
Tera Mujhko Phir Se Rulana Bahut Hua

Waada E Ulfat Nibhate Rahe Chup Chaap
Tera Mujhe Nigahon Se Girana Bahut Hua

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Funny Veg Jokes

Maa Sab Janti Hai
5 Years Old Boy: "I Love You Mom." Mom With Love: "Awww! I Love U Too Beta." 16 Years Old Boy: "I Love You Mom."

Imandar Aadmi Aur Toilet Devi
Ek Baar Ek Aadmi Ka Phone Toilet Mein Gir Gaya. Achanak Toilet Se Toilet Devi Prakat Hui. Unhone Uss Aadmi Ko Ek G

Teacher Ki Baat Ka Muh Tod Jawab
Pappu Ek Din Class Mein Ek Gadha Le Kar Aaya. Madam Ne Ye Dekh Kar Hairani Se Puchha: "Iss Ko Saath Kyun Laye Ho?"

The Whole World Will Look Colorful
If You Paint With Rs. 40,000 Royal Paint, Your Home Will Look Colorful. But If You Drink Rs.400/- Royal Stag, T

Aaj Ke Students
Teacher To Student: "Beta, Answer Sheet Par Sabse Pehale Kya Likhna Chahiye?" Student: "Iss Sheet Par Likhe Gaye Answ

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