Teri Chahat Sukoon Ban Kar Mere Andar Utar Jaati Hai
Mere Lahu Main Ghul Kar, Nas Nas Main Bahe Jaati Hai

Ye Tera  Maasoomiyat Se  Mujhe Dekh  Kar Muskuana
Teri  Har  Ada Se Mere Dil Ki  Dhadkan Bikhar Jaati Hai

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All The Love In The World
Anywhere, Anytime
All The Love In The World
Is No Greater Than Mine
All The Songs The World Sings
All The Great Works Of Art
I Would Have Other Things
That I Fear Here In My Heart.
So I Give You These Arms
That Will Never Hold Anybody But You!
And I Give You These Lips
That Burn With A Fire They Never Knew
As Long As I Live, My Love
I Promise To Give, My Love
All The Love In The World
To No Other One But You!
So Open Your Eyes
And Look At A Girl Who Longs For Your Touch,
Wont You Open Your Heart?
And Take In This Girl Who Who Needs You So Much!
And If All The Stars Burn Out
You Are All That I Will Ever Care About
‘Cause You…..
All The Love In The World.

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Roj Mandir Mein Subah

Ghanti Bajata Hoon

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Cutest Picture On Internet One Of The Best Top VIew Shot What A Lovely Kiss Happiness Is Not Money Indian Handsfree Jugaad Coffee Painting By Josephine Ryan Don’t Ask Stupid Questions To This Kid Wanna Kiss Me? Beautiful White Peacock. An Idea That Works

She Lived Among The Ways Of Few
Beside The Hills Of Green
And Waited In Her Natured Hue
As The Wind Flirted With The Stream

The Falls Would Bounce And Be Playful
Whenever She Near Came
And She Would Be Quite Gleeful
When The Blue Jays Called Her Name

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Aap Jab Se Meri Aankhoan Ko Padhne Lage Hai
Is Dil Mein Na Jaane Kitne Tooofan Se Uthne Lage Hai

Hotho Ke Darwazze Ab Khulte Nahi Hai
Palko Se Ab Aansoo Kabhi Girte Nahi Hai

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Chalo Chalde Han Dubade Suraj Nal,
Shayad Koi Nava Jhan Mil Jave,

Jithe Khun Da Rang Chita Na Hove,
Te Hanjoan Da Rang Lal Na Pe Jave

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Hanjua Di Digne Di Aawaaz Nahi Hundi
Dil Tutne Di Bhi Aahat Nahi Hundi
Je Rabh Nu Hunda Pata Dard Da,
Te Ohnu Dard Dehn Di Aadat Na Hundi

Dukh Waale Geet Assi Phir Gaun Lagh Paye
Sunan Waleya Nu Kujh Sunaan Lagh Paye
Jehna Ne Keha Si Tu Na Kaadi Bhi Rovi..
Aj Ohhi Mainu Rulaun Lagh Paye

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Funny Veg Jokes

Love Is The Seventh Sense
According To Genius William Sexfear Love Is The "Seventh Sense" That Destroys All The Other "Six Senses"

Those Stars Are To Protect You
Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem. Santa: "When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows St

Indian Aur Kutto Mein Kya Farq Hai?
Ek Pakistani Ne Ek Indian Ko Chidane Ke Liye Puchha "Indian Aur Kutto Mein Kya Farq Hai?" Indian Ne Muskurate Hue

Two Rules Of A Man And Women Life
Two Rules Of A Man’s Life: 1. They Never Flirt With Any Unknown Lady. 2. They Never Consider Any Lady Unknown.

Haye Itna Pyar Karte Ho Mujhe?
Preeto Santa Se Puchti Hai Preeto: "Kitna Pyar Karte Ho Mujhe?" Santa: "Shahjhan Jitna" Preeto: "Sachii, Mere M

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