Teri Yaad Bhee Kaya Kaya Motizaa Karti Hai
Bhar Chuke Zakhamon Ko Phir Hara Karti Hai

Mujhe Har Saya Tera Hee Akas Lagta Hai
Dil Ki Jalan Bhee Ye Kaisa Dhuuan Karti Hai

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The Song Of The Robin I Fancy I Hear
One Cannot Mistake It Melodious And Clear
And Skylark Looks Like A Small Speck In The Sky
As Carolling Sweetly Upwards He Does Fly.

Far North In Distance I Travel When I Visualize
The Chaffinch I Can Hear Singing At Sunrise
And I Can Hear The Babble Of The Silver Tongued Rill
Flowing Down To The River From The Foot Of The Hill.

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Will We?
When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I See The Emotion Through
Them Flutter And Fly.

When You Hold Me Close
I Lay My Head Near Your Heart,
Wondering If This Is The Beginning
Of A New Start.

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Awesome Staircase, Looks Like A Bulb Let Me Rest Here For While I Am Not Going To Bite You This Is Called a Forced Kiss Bachhe Ab Bachhe Kaha Rahe Cute Cutie Coochi Coo Where Are You Hiding Little Baby? One Of The Best 3D Street Art A Billiard Table Transforms Into A Dining Table Oops Suicide Jump

Kyun Tuut Ti Hain Pyaar Kii Kasme,
Har Waada Wafa Kyun Nahii Hota,

Milti Jo Agar Sabhi Ko Wafai,
To Koi Pyaar Ker Ke Nahi Rota,

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Tumhein Bhoul Jaaoun Ye Hota Nahin
Koii Waqt Ho Dard Sota Nahin

Tumhein Bhoul Jaaoun Ye Hota Nahin
Na Ho Jaaon Baadnam Tum Issliye

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