Luta Ker Mataa-O-Jaan Hum Sogaye
Koi Jagaaye Tu Jagaye Hum Sogaye

Jagaaye Bina Meri Neendein Churaana
Kiya Karogay Tum Ab Aisay Hum Sogaye

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Jo Ansoo Dil Pay Girtay Hain Wo Annkhoon Mein Nahi Rehtay
Bohat Se Hurff Aise Hain Jo Laffzoon Mein Nahi Rehtay

Kitaboon Mein Likhay Jatein Hain Duniya Bhar Ke Afsanay
Magar Jin Mein Haqeeqat Ho Kitaboon Mein Nahi Rehtay

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Poetry Laments Her Society
The Hunger, The War, The Eclectic In ‘Peace Of War’
Poetry Laments Our Leaders:
The Corruption, Digression, Recession From ‘Grace To Grass’,
‘Oil To Water’
Poetry Predicts A Fall, The Rise, And Many More
Of Sudden Deaths!
Poetry Isn’t Eulogies On Octaves, But Torment
On Rotten V.I.P Graves!
Poetry Itself, Is My Hurricane To A ‘Southern Repression’
Poetry, Is Performance Of Fire, In Spoken And Written Words

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. The Lost Gardens of Heligan How Tarzan Got His Yell A Billiard Table Transforms Into A Dining Table Pahli Raat Hai Par Ismein Darne Ki Kya Baat Hai A Dog Is Painting With His Mouth Happy Birthday My Sweet Heart The Amazing Wat Samphran Temple In Bangkok A Scary Watermelon Art True Fact About Boys

Soch Baitha Yeh Main
Kee Main Hoon Kitna Dukhi,

Duk.Khon Se Bhara Hoon
Main Swayam Duk.Khon Kee Jheel Hoon.

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Bol Do Zubaan Se Dil Mein Basake Mat Rakhna,
Ye Pyaar Cheez Aisi Hai Dabake Mat Rakhna.

Koi Laakh Bachaye Daaman Pyaar Ho Jaata Hai,
Mehboob Se Dil Ka Iqraar Ho Jaata Hai,

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Funny Veg Jokes

Pappu, Master Aur Sher
Garmi Ki Wajah Se Master Ka Dil Padhane Ka Nahi Kar Raha Tha To Vo Bacho Se Idhar Udhar Ke Sawal Puch Ke Time Pas Karne

Pathan, Car Aur Bechara Bachha
Ek Pathan Gabraya Hua Doctor Ke Pass Gaya Aur Bola Pathan: "Dr. Sahab Mere Bete Ne Chaabi Nigal Li Hai." Doctor: "

Height Of Memory Loss
Height Of Memory Loss: A Boy Opens His Tiffin Box On The Road Side To See, Whether He Is Going To School, Or Comin

New Add Of Fair & Lovely
Fair & Lovely Ki Unseen Ad Maa: "Nalayak, Itni Raat Tak Kaha Thi?" Beti: "Mom, Boyfriend Ke Saath" Maa: "Ka

A Tip To Hide Your Private Files In Computer
How To Hide Your Important Files From People Without Making Hidden Folders. 1. Go To Desktop And Create A New Folder.

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