Dark Chocolate

I Had Lusted After You,
Brown-Skinned And Beautiful,
For So Long,
You Gorgeous Dish,
You Piece Of Delish,
And Then I Got A Chance
To Lay My Hands On You.

You Were So Smooth,
So Cool!
You Didn’t Say A Thing
As I Reached Out,
Trembling With Desire For You,
Drawing You Closer To Me.

My Senses Went Crazy!

You Smelled So Good,
Filling My Brain With Bliss,
I Licked My Lips,
Quivering With Anticipation,
My Shaking Fingers
Fumbled With Your Wrapper,
Drawing It Back,
Revealing Your Lovely Surface
To My Longing Eyes.

And Then My Lusting Tongue
Licked You,
For The First Time,
(You Know Where!)
And I Tasted Your Sweet Sugar,
As My Hands Roamed Free
Hungry For The Rest Of You,
Drowning In Desire.

Your Precious Little Nub Of Joy
Was Between My Lips,
And I Was Melting Inside,
My Face Wet
With Liquid Pleasure.

Then I Sensed You Melting Too,
And How Good Was That?
I Didn’t Expect You
To Melt For Me,
And Your Warm, Wet Softness
Engulfed My Being.

Orgasm Approaching Fast,
I Shook And Moaned,
Sweat Broke Out On My Brow,
I Thought I Would Come,
There And Then,
Standing In Confectionery Section
Of The Supermarket.

Next Time I’ll Eat You, Baby,
In My Bedroom,
Where We Can Be Alone!
Just You And Me And Heaven.
You Are Chocolate, Baby,
You Are Dark And Beautiful,
You Are Sweeeeet

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04 Sep 2008 No Comment

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