Dad, Papa, Frank

Hey Dad, It’s Your Daughter Sandy, Yes Your Favorite One Of The Three
You’d Say Sandy, I Love All Of My Daughters The Same, Then You’d Smile And Wink At Me

Just Kidding Kristi And Donna, Don’t Have A Cow, Dad Loved You Too
But Secretly I’d Be Saying Inside, I Am The Favorite, You Know It’s True

I Guess My Sense Of Humor Came From A Man Who’s Name Was Frank, Papa, Or Dad
A Better Man You Could Never Know, I’ve Never Seen A Person Leave His House Sad

He Had One Of Those Laughs They Call Contagious, If He Was Laughing You Would Laugh Too
Oh How I Would Give Anything Just To Hear It One More Time, A More Beautiful Sound I Never Knew

It’s Been Almost A Year That You’ve Been Gone Now Dad, The Worst Year Of My Life
I Know Its Not Been Easy For You Either, Especially Missing Sue, , My Mom, And Your Wife

You Always Used To Tell Me, It’s Gonna Be Really Hard For Your Mother When I Die
And The Only Reason You Were Scared To Die Was You Didnt Want To See Mom Cry

She Misses You Dad, But We Both Know, Mom Is One Of The Strongest Woman You Could Ever Meet
Through The Years You’ve Both Crossed Many Obstacles, But Never Once Not Landed On Your Feet

You Would Make Up These Crazy Stories, All Of Kids Would Know They Weren’t True
Then Mom Would Agree With Whatever You Said, Cause You Would Say It’s True, ‘Isn’t That Right Sue? ‘

You Weren’t Just Moms Husband, You Were Both Each Others Best Friend
And Through All The Rough Roads You Both Crossed Together, Your Love Didn’t Waiver Or Bend

Dad Before I End This Little Poem, Could You Do Me A Favor Before You Go?
Tell Mom The One Thing She Needs To Hear From You, The One Thing She Needs To Know

Sue I Know You Are Carrying This Guilt Around, Thinking I Could Have Had A Better Life
But Your Wrong Sue, My Life Was Perfect, How Could It Not Have Been With You As My Wife

Mom, I Know Dad Isn’t Here To Say Those Words, But Believe Me Those Words Come From Him Not Me
At Least A Million Times I’ve Heard Him Say, Ya Know Your Mother Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me

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