Crushing Over You

As I sit in class
wondering where are you?
wondering why havent you arrived
wondering what should i do
wondering what should i say
wondering how the chemisty will be

15 minutes later…
my heart skips a beat
when you walk into the room..

17 minutes later…
we connect eye to eye
where my body turns numb
dont know what should do
should i wave or smirk…

19 minutes later…
you sat right across from me
you have this sexi aroma
that leaves me tingle down my spot

21 minutes later..
cant help to it
that i have to wave hello..
why do i get nervous
when you come around me..

I feel like aliittle girl
with a first schools crush..
when i see  you
i  undress you with my eyes
you got me hypnotize

The bell ringss
is how it ends
a wave goodbye

by croatiandiva

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03 Jul 2008 No Comment

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