Created Imperfect Rewards

Looking Into Your Eyes
I Begin To Get
The Feeling Of Butterflies
Where I Drown
Becoming Lost
In My Train Of Thought
Looking Into Your Heart
I See The Fight In You
Once You’ve Let The Tiger Out Of You
Shredding My Innocence To Pieces
Looking Into Your Soul
I Wonder If The Trust
You Have Given Me
Is Really Out Of
And That Word You Keep
Saying In My Ear
Is It Just To Comfort
My Lonely Fears
Looking Into Your Mind
I’ve Finally Figured You Out
Took Awhile
But No Longer
Do You Have To
Open Your Mouth
Or Say Things
That I Dont Want To Hear
Because They’ve Been Said Once Before
Knowing Your Thoughts
I’ve Grown To Love All Of You
Whether Its The Stubbornness Or The Best Part Of You
But Whatever Part You May
My Heart And I Have Agreed
To Accept It

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04 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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