I’m Broken On Your Shoulder
Nothing Matters
I Lay Upon It To Only Find Myself
Where My Misdeeds And Storms Don’t Follow
I Can Shed As Much Sad On It
But Your Happiness Can Only Stop Me From
Dissecting And Destroying Myself

Your Eyes
Have You Ever Realize That
The Only Reason Why I Can’t Stare Is
Because The Power They Behold?
Do You Realize How Perfect
Your Kisses Are And How They Share
The Secrets To Your Heart?
Do You Know How The Beating Of Your Heart
Is The Only Sound I Need To Hear Too Make Sure
Mine Is Fine?
Do You Know That The More I Write About You
The The Easier It Is To Fall?

Three Years Doesn’t Mean Anything Too Me,
Not At All
The Charms And Games He Played Are Ones That
Followed You Too Me
But To Know Your Love For Me
Your Care
Your Support
Fulfills Your Romeo
Sleep With Me Juliet
There Is No Poison
Or Kings Troubled With Jealousy
No Need For The Fortune Tellers
Let Us Live The Parts
Shakespeares Colored
Upon The Empty

Rafael Cazares

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment

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