The Most Fragile Concept I Know Of
Is A Promise,
The Social Contract, Human Beings Are Capable Of
Even God Had Difficulty Keeping The Covenant

Abraham Reminded His Lord, Jacob Fought With
His Angel, Moses Remonstrated And Disobeyed
A Promise Is A Promise Made To Be Kept,
The ‘Ancient Mariner’ Relates Of Vows.

A Marriage Is A Contract, Killing The Albatross
Is Not Just Bad Luck, Breaking A Covenant,
Undoing A Promise, Defaulting On A Promissary Note
Tear Down The Pillars Of The Social Polis

I Depend On You, Rely On Him, A Responsibility
Important As Love,
If Not, Tear Up The Deed To Social Belief,
Let Chaos Reign, Anti Matter Rule The Heavens,

A New Physics Of Unjust, Unseat All Laws,
I For One, Can Not Reman Stoic, In Such A Light
War, Rape, Pillage, Return Us To The
Prehistoric, To The Time Of The Animal Kingdom

Incapable Of Neither, Making Nor Keeping A Promise,
Brought On Floods To Cleanse The Planet

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01 Sep 2008 No Comment

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