Conquering My Worst Obstacle

Had Me Bound
It Never
You Gain
This Uncontrollable
Power Over Me
Walking My Heart
With A Leash
Taming It
To Do Tricks
And Beg
For More
Was All
You Offered
I Treated
Your Friendship
Like Gold
More Valuable
To Me
Than My Own Mother’s
Though Gullibility
Played Its Part
And Made Me
The Fool
That I Was
A Minute Ago
My Strength
Has Led Its Way
Back To Me
And Given
Me A Noble Reason
To Let Go
Of This Sadistic
And Live
The Life
That I Always
With Less
From Dried Up Tears
And Tear Stains
On Satin Sheets
In Every Room
The Time
Is Now
To Say Farewell
And Let Us
Depart Peacefully

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05 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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