Cinderella’s Wishes

Wish I Could Stay With You
Wish I Would Reign In Your Heart.
Wish I Would Sing A Song
A Song Of Love When You’re Alone.
Wish There Would Be You And Me
Written In The Happy-Ending Love Story.
Wish You Could Be Mine And Kept Your Heart In Me.

But,Why Do I Need To List Down All Those Wishes
If I Know That Stars Cannot Grant All Those Silly Thoughts?
Not Even The Old Rusty Wishing Well In The Wilderness,
Or A Blown-Up Candles On My Birthday?

Yet, How Could I Not Believe In Magic,
If Once, I Was Turned Into A Beautiful Cinderella.
And There I’d Danced With The Music Of My Love
With Someone I Used To Ask From Above.
How Could I Not Believe In Magic
If You Played The Long-Lost Sound Of My Music.

The Music Of Love I Longed To Hear Within Me.

With These Sweetest Song
We’d Danced Gracefully
But The Clock Struck Twelve,
Now I Need To Face The Reality.
That I Just Borrowed All Those Moments,
That I Just Stole Some Part Of Your Lonely Heart.
That There’s Nothing About Us

Do I Need To Blame This Magic Wand
For Ending A Love Story Into A Tragic One.
Do I Need To Scream Over The Broken Music Box?
Do I Need To Stay In A Wonderful Nostalgia?
Or I Would Rather Learn The Art Of Letting Go.
Right After I Learned How To Sing In A Capella.

Would I Have The Power To Search For A Genie In A Bottle?
And To Him, I’ll Whisper My One Last Wish,
“Wish I Could Learn To Hide The Feeling I Had In You.”

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