Chhoti Umre Sanghnia Pedan

Chhoti Umre Sanghnia Pedan, Umran To Vde Rog,
Dil Dukha K Hasde , Ajb Ne Is Nagri De Lok Ni Ma ,

Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok Ni Ma, Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok….
Upron Upri Bande Bhole Panchi,

Illan Varge Ina De Shonk,
Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok , Ni Ma..

Galan Galan Vich Ktl Karde,
Sahmne Dekh Gal Na Karde,

Gidrra Varge Darpok,
Ni Ma Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok, Ni Ma….

Preet Varge Jhle Likh Likh Marde ,
Ena Kagaj Varge Lokan To Darde ,

Jhle Ne Is De Shok,
Ni Ma Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok , Eh Kesi Nagri De Lok…

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