Cheraag-O-Aftab Gum

Cheraag-O-Aftab Gum,
Bari Haseen Raat Thi,

Shabab Tha Nakab Main,
Bari Haseen Raat Thi,

Mujay Pila Rahe Thi Wo,
K Khud Hi Shama Buj Gai,

Sharab Gum, Gilas Gum,
Bari Haseen Raat Thi,

Labon Se Lab Jo Mil Gay,
Labon Se Lab Hi Sil Gay,

Sawal Gum, Jawab Gum,
Bari Haseen Raat Thi,

Likha Tha Jis Kitab Main,
K Ishq To Haram Hai,

Hoi Wohi Kitab Gom,
Bari Haseen Raat Thi

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03 Jun 2017 1 Comment 31

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One Comment

  1. Leo says:

    very sweet ghazal, please let me know the name of poet. Please also not that second sher is wrong, correct sher is as follows:

    shabab ka naqab gum
    bari haseen raat thi

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