Chaa.Nd Maddham Hai Aasmaa.N Chup Hai

Chaa.Nd Maddham Hai Aasmaa.N Chup Hai
Nii.Nd Kii God Me.N Jahaa.N Chup Hai

Duur Vaadii Me.N Duudhiyaa Baadaal
Jhuk Ke Parbatko Pyaar Karate Hai.N

Dil Me.N Naakaam Hasarate.N Lekar
Ham Teraa I.Ntazaar Karate Hai.N

In Bahaaro.N Ke Saaye Me.N Aa Jaa
Phir Mohabbat Javaa.N Rahe Na Rahe

Zi.Ndagii Tere Naa-Muraado.N Par
Kal Talak Meharabaa.N Rahe Na Rahe

Roz Kii Tarah Aaj Bhii Taare
Subah Kii Gard Me.N Na Kho Jaaye.N

Aa Tere Gam Me.N Jaagatii Aa.Nkhe.N
Kam Se Kam Ek Raat So Jaaye.N

Chaa.Nd Maddham Hai Aasmaa.N Chup Hai
Nii.Nd Kii God Me.N Jahaa.N Chup Hai”

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