I Do Not Know How I Will Die
I Do Not Know
How I Will Die
I Only Hope It Seems
A Simple Sleep In Paradise
A Kind Of Happy Dream

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Mother Goddess
With Your Silvery Hair
Like Strands Of Freshly Woven Spiders Web,
With Your Bright Sparkling Eyes
Like A Body Of Water On A Summers Day,
With Your Spirit Flowing Everywhere
Caring For Your Children Like As A Parent,
With Your Blessings So Rich
Like The Morning Dew After A Misty Night.

Mother Goddess
You Have Created All Beautiful Creatures
From The Tinest Ant To The Biggest Whale,
Your Creations Are A Gift That I Stand In Awe Of
A Gift That I Take A Moment To Graciously Receive- And Try To Give Back With Thanks And Honor.

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If U Can Live
The Life That U Believe In
You Will Have Everything You Need
To Reach Your Dream

Just Look Into Your Heart
And You Will Find Confidence In Yourself
That Will Make Each Challenge
Easier To Face

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Real Life Fruit Ninja Girl Cutest Cat In The World Save Water – Only 3% Water Of The Earth Is Fresh Gorilla Made Of Colorful Pencils Gillette Venus Women’s Razors It Happens Only in India Amazing Indian Girl Painting Food And Creativity – Amazing Bird Made Up Of Orange Peel Good Night And Sweet Dreams Happy Birthday My Sweet Heart

Though Special Times Like Birthdays
Seem The Nicest Ones By Far

To Tell You Very Lovingly
How Wonderful You Are

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He Was Delighted, Yes, To His Core, To Find
A Messenger In The Cloud That Might Oblige Him

By Carrying The Message To His Beloved Wife
Thence, Bade An Affectionate Welcome To The Cloud

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Stand There On That Regal Entrance
Where The Towers So Prominent
To Sky So Above
From The Hall Of Thousand Pillars On The
12th Century Historic Temple
Sobriquet, Athens Of East
Shrine Of Meenakshi In Madhurai
On The Banks Of Sacred River Vaigai
And There The Musical Pillars,
Near The Northern Tower
Reach Your Hand For A
Mesmerizing Divine
Soft Touch, Music
You Hear From There

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She Suddenly Stood Up
In The Middle Of The Workshop
Her Stuttering Tongue
Clickety Clack In Her Head
She Was Ticked Off
Wth Tedioius Nit-Picking
The Crawling Pace
Too Much Southern Charm

Speed Up
She Proclaimed
Make This Meeting Efficient
We All Have Things To Do
Places To Go
More Poems To Read
No More Dawldling
On Dots Or Dashes

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Were I To Be A Summer Wind,
Fair Heaven’s Heights I Would Descend
And Spread My Wings Aloft The Crests
Of Those Fond Mountains I Love Best.
I’d Sweep Across The Seven Seas,

Upon Their Sleeping Depths I’d Sneeze,
Then Watch The Angered Waves Swell High
From Out The Chasms Where They Lie.
I’d Skit Along The Snowy Foam

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I Stepped Between Gagoo
And Lovely Samar
When The Orange Was Handed Out
At The Beginning Of The Line
In Some Friend’s House
Whose Name I Can’t Bring Back,
Just Samar’s Big Breasts Clear
Under The Green Angora Sweater,
Gagoo’s Drooped Mouth
When She Collected That Orange
So Close To Her Throat
I Could Feel Her Pulse
As I Wrapped One Arm Around
Her Waist And Pulled Her Snug
So The Orange Would Not Drop
Between Us
But Be Caught Between Our Chests
Where I Could Shimmy Down To Hook
My Jutting Chin
Around Its Cool Smoothness
And, Inch By Inch, Bring It Up Again
Till My Eyes Were Level With Her Lips,
The Gold Sparkle On Them Glinting
Each Time We Swayed
And I Felt Each Breast Give And Give
Till The Orange Was Mine
And She Hung On That Extra Second
Just To See How Firm A Grip
I Really Had, Although The Clock
Was Ticking
And We Knew This Could Be Our Very
Best Time.

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Every Year, I Say The Same Exact Thing,
Pretaining To How Fast The Months Go By.
It Never Fails, When I Say It, It Happens To
Be In July. My Theory Is The Summer Months,
Don’t Stay Around Too Long. For Before You
Know It, We’ll Be Singing Old Winters Song!
There Never Seems To Be Enough Time To
Really Enjoy The Fall. It’s Gone Before You
Know It, Not Having Too Much At All. It Never
Ceases To Amaze Me, Before Halloween Is
Officially Here, They’re Getting Ready For
Christmas And Making Preperations, For
The New Year. I’ve Often Asked Myself, Why
Is Everything So Rushed? Why Can’t We
Savior Each Month, The Way It Was Meant To
Be? But I Guess That’s Human Nature To Get
Ahead, Leaving Less Time, For You And Me

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