Welcome To Mars
Dry And Mountainous
Like The Himalayas-

Only Hotter-
Roasting Like Nagasaki Did
On That August Day. It Is

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What It Ment To Lose You Dad,
No-One Will Ever Hear.

No-One Knows My Heartache,
No-One Hears Me Weep.

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Will You Be My Valentine
Will You Press Your Lips On Mine

Will You Say You Love Me So
Say You’ll Never Let Me Go

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Hold Me In Your Hands..Show Me The Way To Your Heart
Everything You Feel I Can See Deep In Your Eyes..
Let Me Open The Door,To Find The Love You Hide..
Let Me Be By Your Side The Cold Nights You Will Be Alone
And I Promise I Will Never Hurt You..Follow Me
To My Deepest Thoughts..Lie Near Me..Keep Me
Like A Treasure You Want To Protect..Like A Child
Who Need Your Help..Like Someone Who Loves You
Life Is To Find Your Way,To Live In Happiness..
As This I Live With You..Follow My Heart..
In This Journey I Start Alone..I Want You With Me
Give Me Your Hand And Let Me Show You The Stars
We Can See Them Together..You Are My Sky
Let Me Be Your Light Tonight..

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Just Another Reflection,
In Another Mirror.
Cracked In The Middle,
Breaking Into Pieces.
You Brought Me Up,
But As They Say;
‘What Goes Up Always Comes Down.’
You Left Me Broken On The Floor.
I’m Here Putting Myself Back Together.
Struggling To Fnd The Pieces.
Yeah The Pieces To My Now,
Scattered Jigsaw Puzzle.
You Brought Me Up,
But What Goes Up Always Comes Down.
You Left Me Stranded.
Hoping And Wishing On Shooting Stars.
You Had Me Wrapped Around Your Finger.
I Was Your Yo-Yo.
Til’ You Never Pulled Me Back.
Laying Here Broken Into Scattered Pieces.
I’ve Finally Broken Down.
So Wipe Your Hands And Walk Away,
Say What I Was Hoping Would Never Reach You Lips.
To Be Honest, I Liked Your Lying More Than Your Teasing.
I Guess I Have To Face The Truth Sometime,
That Time Being Now.
So Wipe Your Hands And Walk Away.
Say The Words I Was Hoping You’d Never Say.
I May Lie Myself,
Because Now I Know I’m Still Not Over You.

Isabella Swan

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i stared
into your eyes
you wondered what
i was thinking about
i lied
and said nothing
knowing that all day
i had been thinking of you
wanting to get to know
the true you
not just the side
that is seen for fashion
but the realness
hazel eyes
that keeps me at attention
i am aware
that she has your heart
so i soak up my feelings
and remind you to have a pleasant day


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Henry Went To Hospital
Twas Bethesda Naval
And Took A Picture Of An Ape
In A Restraining Chair.
And Took It To An International
Picture Wire
Called Black Star
Which Sent It Round The World..
And Gandhi Saw And Knew
That Violated Was The Treaty
.. And She Cancelled Monkey Export
.. Because Henry In 5 Hours
.. Cared To Reach For
.. One Bright And Reachable… Star!


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Early Thought Is Better
Hello Mr Main,
Will You Be Able To
Properly Maintain
Our Lovely Relation,
I Want To Make Long
The Elation.
You Are A Good Heart
So Far I See,
Don’t Be So Hopeless
Thinking Love’s Fee.
Love Is Heavenly
Free From Dirt,
Exchange Of Feelings
Heart To Heart.

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A Bit Of You, You Left Within Me Before Leaving Out,
Making Me The Best I Could Be
But Sometimes It Hurts Having You Right Inside, Yet Far Away
Please Take Back All You Forget Within Me..
All, What I Call Memories

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I Reach For The Stars And I Can’t See The Friend Who Ones Stood Besides Me,
I Look And Look But Can’t See What Went Wrong In Our Friendship, Perhaps I Never Will.
Today I’m Here Thinking,
Where’s My Friend? Oh, How Lonely I Feel.
My Friend Was Special In His Own Way, He Gave Me Comfort,
Help Me When All Failed.
Where’s My Friend? My Soul Cries Out,
What Did I Do Wrong, Did I Push Him Away?
I Seek For Answers And I Find None,
Why Did I Loose My Friend?
Perhaps I’ll Never Know.
Without You My Friend I Feel Lost, Lost In A World So Cruel To Us All.
All I Can See Is The Wonderful Times We Shared,
When You Held Me In Your Arms,
Listening To My Living Hell.
So My Dear Where Ever You Are,
Remember The Good Times We Shared, Let The Past Be The Past,
For All I Have Learn Today As I Sit Down And Write,
That The Answers To My Questions Are All In One,
” I Miss You, My Friend”.

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