We rocked each other’s inner self
We intertwined bodies and souls
I finally opened up my heaven to you, with love.
You have touched me with your heart, and
I felt your love though your body.Hard to explain, but in your arms, I feel at rest.
As we danced in those satin sheets,
I knew that after you I want no other for you have marked me in so many ways.
Baby, I hope you feel the same way too.

by Afrikansoul

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Into The
Core Of Writers
So True To Themselves
Undaunted To Make Known
They Bear Their Hearts Openly
With Bravery And Hope For Break
And Willingly Pen Their Darkest Pains
Pulling From The Depth Of Madness Within
Knowing They Make Vulnerable Their Souls
To Predators In Search Of Swift Feasts
Made Easy By Open Flesh Wounds
Bitter Smell Of Truthfulness
A Trusting Writer’s Curse
Doesn’t Have To Be
But The Writing
So Defines

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Seen The World From Near And Far
Found Someone

She Came In My Life Like

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

A Plate Full Of Nature This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. Cute Cutie Coochi Coo This Is Called a Forced Kiss Let Me Sleep, I am Drunk Kar Sakta Hai Koi Aisa? Abe Ye Kela Hai Kuch Aur Nahi Brave Cat – Beat The Fear Gorilla Made Of Colorful Pencils Dad Please Let Me Go

Try To Understand
That It
Was Never My Intent
To Leave Our
Happy Home
In Wee Hours
You Came Back To Me
And Some Nights
You Left Me
It Was Never My Intent
To Free Myself
From Caged Doors
Unkept Promises
And Emotional Drainage
Gaining Every Bit Of Me
With Tragedy
And Maudlin Chapters
I Could Write In Books
Try To Understand
That He Is What I’ve Waited For
While I Yearned For You
To Lay Close To Me
He Was What I Needed
While I Only Wanted Your Time
Instead Of Farfetched Expectatons
And While Your
Is Out To Win Me Back
And Making Me
Crave For You
Was Only
Just A Plan
To See You Bow Down
To Me

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Dear Mum,
You’ve Made Me Who I Am Today.
You Showed Me It’s Okay To Let Go, And To Move On
You’re Always On My Side, No Matter What,
Even If I Did Something Wrong.
I Have Learned From My Mistakes, And Build New Dreams
I Only Did It Because You Showed Me How.
And You Made Me Strong.
I Couldn’t Do It Alone
I Needed The Strength From Your Love To Show Me How.
I Realized You Were Always Right,
Even When I Thought You Were Wrong.
I Know You Proud Of Everything I Did.
And I’m Glad You Never Turned Me Away
You Gave Me The Power To Let Go Of Things I Didn’t Need In My Life
And Still You Are Porud Of Me And All My Dreams!

by weirdchild19 

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Ur Alone In The World,
And No Ones Home,
Dont Worry Cause Ur Almost Alone,
Dont Wait Up Thinking Wat U Could Of Done,
Dont Worry Now Just Go And Sleep Ur Life Away,
Time Spent Wondering Wat Could Of Happened,
No Longer Shall U Wait To End Ur Miserable Life,
Dont Worry About The Ending,
Just End It Now,
Ur To Stoned And Cold To Care,
How Im Feeling Now,
That You’ve Hurt Me So Badly,
Dont Come Back To Me Now,
That U Say U Don’t Love Me Anymore….Anymore,
I Love U Forever More…Forever More.

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I Have This Friend That Is So Weird,
Its Even Worse Then I Had Feared.
The Way You Are, The Things You Say,
I’m Afraid You’ll Be Commited One Day.
But, I Will Come And Bust You Out,
Cause I Can’t Go A Minute Without,
The Way I Feel When You Make Me Laugh,
Its A Feeling That I Have To Have.
I Didn’t Even Mind The Tear In My Eye,
On That Awful Day You Made Me Cry.
Despite The Fact That I Was Mad,
I Was Still So Greatful I Had,
Someone Like You Right By My Side,
Quickly Making Things Alright.
You Always Know Just What To Do,
To Change My Mind From Being Blue.
I’m Not Sure You Even Know,
How Much I Miss You When You Go.
Though I Tell You, Its Not The Same,
Cause I Mean It More, Then I Can Explain.
And So, Weird Friend, I Have To Say,
I Love You More With Each New Day!
Thanks For Being Wonderful 🙂

by jmt27

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Beautiful Stars In The Sky And The Flowers Light Blue,
Its A Dream World, Just Me And You.

Birds Are Flying High In The Sky,
You Are Smiling, But A Bit Shy.

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This Leaf-This Simple Sweep Of Green
Whose Structure’s Like A Golden Web
That Catches All Of Life Between
These Tiny Streams That Flow And Ebb

Across Its Speckled Face. How Small-
How Small And Minor Would It Seem
When Clasped Upon Those Limbs That Sprawl
Like Mighty Arms That Stretch To Screen

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Touching You
That You Are Real
But How I Wish
You Are Not
I Have Always
Loved You More
In My Dreams

I Have Loved
You More
As An Illusion

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