Here Lays My Heart
All Broken And Torn
There Are No Feelings Left In It
For Me To Mourn

Here Lays My Mind
Which Has Repressed
All The Memories We Have Shared
That Have Left Me A Mess

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For P.
I Miss Your Hands –
Your Wrist Against My Thigh,
Waiting Palm Upturned,
Reaching To Join With Mine.
I Miss Your Fingers –
Traveling The Skin Of My Hand,
Fingertips Tracing Mine,
Learning My Contours.
I Miss Your Skin –
Olive And Silken And Smooth,
Warming Under My Touch,
Soft Hairs Bristling.
I Miss Your Eyes –
Clear And Dark And Searching,
Piercing Through My Veneer,
Seeking My Answers.
I Miss Your Scent –
Manly And Clean And Musky,
Floating From Your Skin,
Igniting My Memories.
I Miss Your Smile –
Warm And Full And Open,
Brightening Your Face,
Inviting Me To Match It.
I Miss Your Hug –
Pulling Me Tight To You,
Joining, Neck To Knees,
Circling Me In Your Arms.
I Miss Your Lips –
Tender, Sweet And Probing,
Drawing My Breath From Me,
Claiming Me As Yours.
Each Of These Things, I Miss,
And More –
And You Haven’t Even Left Yet.

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We Talk Until The Wee Hours
Under The Mississippi Moon
Dreams Of Futures To Come
Talk Of Times Gone By
We Finally Give In To Sleep
Only To Make Love At Dawn
Waking In Each Others Arms
Such Is Mississippi Love
We Touch And Laugh
Kisses By The Thousand
Sighs Of Rising Passion
Wonder At The Night Sounds
Evenings Dancing In The Waters Of The Gulf Of Mexico
Laughing At The Tiny Crab Scramble
Gathering Shells To Make A Wish
Giving Back To The Sea What Is Hers
In The Morning He Brings Me Hot Coffee
Lights My Cigarette With Care
Then Looks Into My Eyes
Says I Can’t Believe You’re Here
Morning Brings A New Day
Coffee And Kisses The Start
Plans For The Life We Are Making
Nothing But Love And Sunshine
Tears Shed For The Years Lost
Laughter For The Times To Come
Plans And Schemes For Stolen Moments
Love In The Heat Of The Afternoon
Such Is Mississippi Love!

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Powerful Organ Music Filling Wall To Wall
On My Knees, Close Eyes, Cleansing My Soul
Reaching With All My Heart To Temple Above
As Echoes Transcending Into Every Inch I Have
My Tears Flow; I Can Feel Warmness On My Face
I Can Feel Deep Inside Of Me Like Thousand Kisses

Voices Lifting Me From My Knees Start Singing
Like Million Fluttering Wings, Wind Blowing
Scented Candles Flickering To Slow Burning
I Raise My Hands, Bow My Head And Join In
Music In Me Start Coming Out From Within
Like Clear Clouds Above Pouring Gentle Rain

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Life Is A Flower
It Starts As A Seed
And Then Grows
And After Awhile It Blooms

Soon After It Blooms
It Slowly Wilts And Dies
While It Blooms It Reproduces
And Makes More Flowers

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With Hope In Heart, And Eyes In Tears
I Have Been Waiting For Years
These Eyes See Nothing But You
My Heart Beats But Just For You
Every Blossoming Bud Smiles Like You,
Every Time I Breathe I Feel Just You
I Dont Thing You Even Remember Me
But Today If I Am Alive,Its Just For You

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Wondering What To Look For
I Started To Walk Alone
I Walked And Walked And Walked
Till I Reached The Quietness Zone
Where Things Were Surprising
And Forever They’ll Really Be
Where In Ignorable Silence Was
The Only Thing I Could See
Where Every Where Was Present
The Deep Shades Of The Time
That Was Truly Dark
And Was Not On The Flow Of Rhyme
And There For Sometime
I Couldn’t Really Decide
What Is There To Seek
What Is There To Hide
And Then I Came Out
From That Quietness Zone
And Started Walking Again
Wondering There Alone.

Seema Chowdhury

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This Morning
Fog Clothed
The Street Lights
In Bergman Black And White
At The Hospital
Another Fog
Lifted A Little,
To Reveal
Of The You
That Used To Be
And When I Left You Tonight,
You Remembered To Say
‘drive Carefully.’

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Life Is A Miracle
Don’t Let It Slip Away,

Open Your Heart To Others
Give Of Yourself Each Day.

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In Front Of The Person U Love,
Ur Heart Beats Faster.
But In Front Of The Person
U Like,U Get Happy.

In Front Of A Person U Love,
Winter Seems Like A Spring.
But In Front Of A Person U Like,
Winter Is Just A Beautiful Winter.

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