Boy What Do U Find As You Look Up?

Boy: What Do U Find As You Look Up?
Girl: The Mighty Sky.

Girl: It’s Looking Beautiful Today Isn’t It?
Boy: The Sky Is Beautiful All The Time…it’s In Our Vision…just The Way We Look At It.

Girl: Ok Tell Me, What Do U Find When U Look Up?
Boy: My Dreams, Cuddled In The Arms Of The Sky So High…refusing To Come Down To Reach Me And Make Me Smile.

Girl: What Is Your Dream? Tell Me…i Would Ask The Sky And I Would Bring Down Your Dreams…to Make U Smile.
Boy: My Dreams Are Always With Me…right Beside Me…but Never Close To My Heart

The Poor Innocent Girl Couldn’t Realize
That She Is The Hope…she Is His Life…

And It Starts Raining Heavily…the Girl Runs Away
To A Tree Near By…for Shelter…but The Boy Doesn’t Move A Bit…surprised

The Girl Looks At Him Enjoying His Time In The Rain…she Could Notice
The Joy In The Face And Could See That His Pretty Smile Was Back…

Boy: Why Did You Run Away My Dear?
Girl: It Rained Heavily…so I Went Near A Tree For Shelter.

Girl: Why Didn’t You Come With Me? Why Did You Drench In The Rain?
Girl: What Was It That Made You So Happy And Brought Your Smile Back?

Boy: My Dreams Which Were Held By The Sky Till Now…sky Could Listen To My Pleas And So It Sent My Dreams Down To Make Me Smile…
Boy: I Wish You Could Also Understand That My Dream Was Your Love…and You Were My Heart Beat…
Says The Boy To Himself…with Desperation…coz He Could Not Tell The Same To Her

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