Bohut Pechay Reh Gayahaan

Bohut Pechay Reh Gayahaan

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Din

Jab Dhop Main Saya Bhi Saath Rehtay Thay

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Lamha

Jab Muhabat Naseeb Say Ler Ker Mukedder Main Thi

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Dukh

Jab Saath Chora Tum Nay Aur Dil Waheen Teher Gaya

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Wo Ihsaas

Jab Tumharay Ansoon Dil Per Dararain Dal Jatay Thay

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Jawab

Jo Tumharay Sawal K Pashay Nazer Ajj Bhi Waheen Kayeem Hai

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Janoon

Jab Tumhari Chahut Zindagi Ka Maqsad Thi

Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya Woo Lafz

Jo Tumharay Liay Bana Tha Bohut Pechay Reh Gaya

Woo Dil Jis Main Bohut Nafret K Bad Bhi

Ajj Bhi Sirf Tum Ho Sirf Tum

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