Bleeding Words

I Wish I Would Be Hidden Always To You
You Tried To Destruct Me By Hurting Me
But My Emotions Are Destroyed Before
The Screaming From Others

The 100 Of Times We’ve Had To Move
The Feeling Of Loneliness For Being Different
Then You Want To Destroy Me?
Know Now, You’re To Late

I Almost Get Lost
I Don’t Cut
Suicide Only Last For 10 Seconds
Hell Last Forever

We’re All The Same In Pain, Fear And Side
People Die, Dreams Are Dead, Hearts Are Broken
I Hide Behind My Cover And Never Shows Out
I Know Its Just Adream

So I Have To Wonder
Is Reality The Cruelest Thing?
But For Now, And For Me
Black Roses Are For Death And Darkness

Red Roses Are For Blood And Pain
And White Roses Are For Broken Souls And A Bleeding Heart

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    05 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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