Blatant Mental Illness

It Seems Utterly Assinine,
To Publicly Address…
A Total Break Down Of Social Behavior.
As A Declaration Has To Be Made,
To Announce To The People They Lost Their Self Respect.

Shouldn’t This Be Obvious?
Shouldn’t A Self Awareness…
Be Involved With This?

And To Display It In A Way,
In Denial…
Raises Their Sensitive Defensiveness.
And Delivering This More Like An Insanity…
With An Abandonment Of Common Sense.

And The Evidence Is Everywhere.
In The Total Breakdown Of Their Social Affairs!
And Many Are Alarmed And Say This Is Unfair.

Although In Observation,
It Does Not Need It To Be Declared.
They Have Social Behaviorial Issues,
And This Blatant Mental Illness…
Shows Itself Block After Block.
Showing Itself To Be Everywhere!

And This Is ‘Not’ A Steven Spielberg Production.
This Is Ignorance Influenced And Embraced!
Enforced By Inhabitants…
Wishing To Have Their Own Liberties Replaced!

Condoned And Poisoned…
To Advantage The Wickedness Of Suburbanites.
With Restrictions That Excite!

More Shayari by Lawrence S. Pertillar
02 Jul 2008 No Comment

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