Soft Lush
Sweet Edible
Full Silky
Thigh Trembling……

Ben’s Kisses

Brown Changing
Open Truthful
Laughing Alive
Always Watching……

Ben’s Eyes

Unruly Crazy
Tuggable Touchable
Free Sexy
In My Face…..

Ben’s Hair

Demanding Wanting
Caressing Caring
Seeking Playing
Always On Me….

Ben’s Hands

Alive Vibrant
Creative Provoking
Brilliant Capable
Enlightening And Revealing……

Ben’s Mind

Eclectic Irrelevant
Outlandish Sarcastic
Random Spastic
Leaves Me Weak……

Ben’s Humor

Insatiable Deep
Searching Heated
Searing Evolving
Never Ending…..

Ben’s Sex

Unique Flowing
Alive Inspiring
Original Enviable
Leaves Me Breathless…..

Ben’s Music

Unstable Isolated
Adrift Growing
Unexplainable Forming
Surrounded Yet Alone…..

Ben’s Past

Fleeting Fulfilling
Beautiful Quenching
Aflame Effortless
Touches My Soul….

Ben’s Time With Me

Surprising Intense
Reminiscent Believable
New Protective
Unjaded In Its Purity …

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