Bemani Si Zindagi

Zindagi To Kisi Ke Kaam Aa Na Saki,
Shaayad Maut Hi Kisi Ke Kaam Aa Jaaye,
Dua Karta Hun Ki Jald Woh Shaam Aa Jaaye,
Jab Hum Na Karenge Ruswayee Kisi Ki,
Rahenge Jab Hum Yaadon Me Kisi Ki,
Dil Kahta Hai Ki Aaj Hothon Pe Woh Naam Aa Jaye,
Dua Karta Hun Ki Jald Woh Shaam Aa Jaye,
Chaha Tha Jise Chaahat Se Zyaada,
Uske Hothon Par Ek Baar Mera Naam Aa Jaye,
Dil Kahta Hai Ki Jald Woh Shaam Aa Jaaye,
Zindagi To Kisi Ke Kaam Aa Na Saki,
Shaayad Maut Hi Kisi Ke Kaam Aa Jaaye.

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 15

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